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Smashwords book reviews by Nancy Vogel

  • Success: The 10 Most Important Lessons in Specialty Store Retailing on Feb. 04, 2012

    This book is a must read by everyone. Don't let the title deceive you. If you want success in business - definitely read. But if you'd like to add success in your life whether personal or business, then you should definitely be reading this book. Linda Talley has gifted us with an easy to read list of how to succeed in your professional & personal life. You won't be bored! I look forward to more books from Ms. Talley. She really hits the nail on the head.
  • Oh Dear, My Slip Is Showing: The Mistakes Women Make That Detract From A Sales Call on Feb. 19, 2012

    Mrs. Talley has done it again. This is her second book that offers more insight on the huge impact your body language has in business. As I read her points, I could see my own actions in business & personal life. I had no idea my body was so talkative!! But now I can be more aware & direct myself to better end points. To anyone who wants insight into how their body language might be sabotaging their business and/or personal life; READ this book!! You will be thankful forever!! This is a book that will enrich your life. It offers definitive points & solutions. Mrs. Talley's writing style is personable. She has the ability to reach out & talk directly to you. This is a rare talent that few writers enjoy. So kudos to Mrs. Talley for once again giving us insight to ourselves. Her first book, Success: The 10 Most Important Lessons In Specialty Retailing, Is a great read for business. And like this book, is excellent for your personal life. I look forward to more books from Mrs. Talley. Her writing style is an easy & informative read. She reaches out & talks with you. Her words will remain with you & help you for a very long time. Mrs. Talley please complete your next book soon. I await its publication with anticipation. Keep up the excellent work!!M