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I’m S.P. van der Lee, my full name is Suzanne Paulien van der Lee. I was born in 1990 and live in the Netherlands. I have a bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication and have a specialization in writing. I’ve always had a passion for language. I could never keep my mouth shut nor resist the urge to read the smallest of texts, in whatever language they were. Writing, reading and speaking are the keystones of Digital Communication, but also those of books, which actually means those two worlds are not that far apart as one might think. I wish to combine the two.

My dream is to publish several books and have them be translated across countries (maybe even a movie or two, you never know). There’s a reason why “I Believe”, “Yes We Can” and “Aim High” are my favorite quotes.

I read and write books on a regular basis and love to tell and hear stories. My most loved genres are Young-Adult, romance, fantasy, urban-fantasy and dystopian. Occasionally I participate in contests with short stories.

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