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Smashwords book reviews by David Wood

  • The Church in Latter Days on Nov. 23, 2010
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    This is a well-written portrayal of this author's introduction to and description of his religion. To all those who question whether the LDS Church is Christian, this clear reading should dispel any misinformed conclusion. By his writing, the members of the LDS Church certainly hold Jesus Christ as their savior. The book is very instructive. D.L. Wood
  • Liberal Betrayal of America and the Tea Party Firestorm on Nov. 23, 2010
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    The dismay visited upon this country by the liberal, left-wing believing teachers and professors in our schools and universities has resulted in palpable negative results in our government and in our economy. It is well for more readers to become acquainted with the reasons for the negativity of the liberals toward our great US institutions and to be encouraged by the awareness of the Tea-Partiers and their activities and objectives. D.L. Wood