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  • Barbie Girl on Feb. 07, 2013

    Barbie girl was an interesting read for me. It reminded me of the Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles and Pushing the Limits by Kate McGarry, except that this time, the girl was the bad one, whereas in the other books, it’s the bad boys! I noticed a few grammar mistakes in this book, just a few tense mishaps, but nevertheless it was annoying and I had to read several passages again, so the reading wasn’t entirely smooth and seamless. Barbie, the main girl character, was supposed to be this hard girl that didn’t let what anyone thought of her affect her, but in several scenes when she was talking with Dylan, she would burst into tears and run away from him. I can understand having a bit of a weep in private but she’s not supposed to care. Barbie needed to take some of her own advice and tell everyone to… “Please vacate the area.” And the scene where she dived from a cliff with Dylan was unnecessary. It was reckless and Barbie only done it to prove a point to Dylan. During the book, Dylan kept changing and changing his mind about her. He’s in love, he’s not in love, he loves her, he hates her! Such a teenager! He needed to make up his mind quicker and decide if he wanted to be with Barbie or Kate. You cannot kiss two girls in the same day, man! The point of view was sometimes confusing. It would have been better in third person instead of switching between Dylan and Barbie. Barbie’s brother. We didn’t know much about him until about 90+ pages in. We knew that he wasn’t as developed as he should have been, that much was pointed out. But other than that, chapters containing him in were very scarce. I can’t even remember his name now. The relationship between Barbie and her brother was sweet though. You could really tell that she loved him and would protect him no matter what. Just wish that his condition was pointed out a bit earlier on in the book. (No, I don’t mean a full scientific run down of his whole brain synapses. What are you like?) There was one thing that I hated about this book, about any romantic books really. The couple got together, fantastic! The wedding bells are ringing…Whoops! Not anymore! Someone done something, the couple break up and then a few chapters later, they’re back together. Please help me! We all know it’s going to happen! I must admit, I really did like the ending to this book, it wasn’t typical to other romances that I have recently read. Overall, I would recommend this book to readers that enjoyed Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkelkes and Pushing the Limits by Kate McGarry. Don’t be put off by the pretty girl on the cover! I’m not going to get excited over the second book, but if a copy comes my way I would defiantly read it! And by reading this book, I have realised that I read way too many romance books