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Roseane Barr Interviews Start Loving
After announcing her candidacy for President of the United States and Prime Minister of Israel, Roseanne Barr decides to talk to people on the street. Here is the interview that follows with peace activist Start Loving.


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  • Breaking the Siege: Voyages of Free Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla on July 18, 2011

    Is there a more important book for the world for 2011? Only one just as important, Plan B 3.0 by Lester Brown (pdf online) on the other civilization-killing 'meteor' besides the Israeli, US funded Genocide of Palestine, namely, slow-motion global genocide by carbon fuel. "Breaking the Siege" is an absolute God-send of a book. Not theory, but practice, based on brilliant theory and strategy; real sheroes and heroes standing up for their brothers and sisters - something we've totally lost any idea of - but these Activists show us the way. God bless them all. EVERYONE must read and study this book, and then step up and follow the path they are blazing for us. This is the Apartheid of our day. This is the Nazi Holocaust of our day. The Israelis are not our enemy, their sociopathic insanity is, and we must become the antidote, the unviolent cure, before it is too late for more generations of Palestinian children, Israeli (turned Nazi youth) children, and for civilization itself. Thank you for your example, your witness, and this monumentally important book. DONATE TO THEM. JOIN THEM. DEVOTE YOUR LIVES TO UNVIOLENT FIGHTING ALONGSIDE THEM.