Smashwords book reviews by Steelybo

  • Brothers of Reckoning on Sep. 15, 2023

    S. Legend brings to us the third and final installment of the Randall Brothers story. In Brothers of Reckoning we are treated to the story of Silas and his lover, abuser Aleksander, their relationship and its inevitable(?) conclusion. Would one say that this particular conclusion is inevitable? Yes. One of the strongest compliments that I can give to an author is ‘I want more!’ I imagine myself Oliver Twist standing before the Master, plaintively asking to have pages filled with words instead of porridge. I am a mood reader. When I pick up a book, if a character doesn’t speak to me or fit into whatever headspace that I may currently reside, I won’t be able to make it through the book. I was excited to revisit these characters, yes, even Aleksander (maybe). S. Legend took a character that I wholeheartedly despised (Note the present tense in that sentence), and created a back story that has left me pining for a prequel where we delve into the backstory of Aleksander, Helena and Paxton. Aleksander is the villain of this story, let that be understood. He is a monster with no redeeming qualities, a self avowed psychopath with only one chink in his armor: his love for Silas, and his willingness to do anything to capture and keep his Butterfly. Anything. It is this facet of Aleksander that allows the story to progress and end as it does. I had heard that the author had taken the road less traveled in the telling of this tale. I hazard to guess what that may be and had concerns that the attempt to make such a despicable character palatable enough to pull of this feat would require a level of mental gymnastics and suspension of belief to render the story unbelievable. I should have known better! I DID know better. S. Legend has yet to disappoint! In the journey to the end of this tale you get a story not of redemption, but of compromise, acceptance, sacrifice and understanding. If you are anything like me, you’ll find yourself wrapped up in the characters brought to life on these pages. Legends characters are to me, their greatest strength as an author. I repeatedly fall in love with these people created on page. Brothers of Reckoning brings three more Randall’s into this clan of survivors. Three sweet yet damaged souls who require the mending balm of unconditional love, bonding, affection and belonging. Take a chance dear reader, for in these pages is writ a story uncommon in its subject matter and bold in its unfolding. Read the book. Fall in love all over again with characters old and new and prepare yourself for a story like no other. Then, join me on a campaign to get the prequel written. I challenge you to finish this novel and NOT need the story of Aleksander, Helena and Paxton. Challenge accepted?