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Life is tough and never easy, if it was, what would have been the point of living. One must live your life to the fullest, you must love with your whole heart and soul, and by being honest at all times, makes you a very respected person.

So many nights I have cried myself to sleep, so many tears flowed down my cheeks, but no matter what happens, they still flow freely. With every single tear shed, I have grown into a very strong person. Life has taken me on a very rough ride, depression, sadness, happiness, fear etc... My depression, anxiety and in securities made me a person I did not like, but if I had not gone through all this, I would not have become whom I am today. Someone once told me that only I can fix myself, that only I can be in control of my life, taking this advice and taking control of my life, I have changed it for the better. Doubts and fears might be present at times, but I get rid of them very easily now a days.

Sometimes I tend to be overly sensitive, but that is who I am, for nothing or no one shall I ever change. My life is sometimes filled with disappointments, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and that everyone you meet is sent on your way with a specific reason, one you might not understand but one that has a meaning and something you must learn from.

To live in tomorrow or the future has never worked for me as it brings unnecessary worries and fear. I live in the now, I take happiness as it comes and the same with sadness.

By going through the pains of life you learn. By taking control of your life and dealing with your problems you can achieve a lot. I finally got my life on track and I intend on keeping it this way. I love with my soul, mind and heart. I give my entire self to the person I am with and I will never give up. I am the one that loves the most and gets hurt the most. Maybe one day I will be blessed with the love of my life, the person I can share my soul with, the one I can grow old with. My love is stronger than I ever thought, so strong that it can even overpower me at times.

I love what I am doing at this stage in my life, study wise. I am living out my passion, and that is hospitality, treating people and making them happy and giving them a great time. My friends and my family are the ones that my life is devoted too, but I am not a typical gay guy, for I am different in my very own unique way. Some people may think of me as unapproachable when they first see me, but I leave the opinion up to them, they can either go on the assumptions they might have or rather get to know me for who I really am. I believe in honesty and believe that a person can go far with it. In my life I have known a lot of hurt and sadness, I have cried so many tears, I can even fill an ocean with them. All I want in life is to be happy and succeed in what I do, job wise and love wise. I am a very deep and creative person who writes my feelings into poems. I am who and what I am and not who I am forced to be…

Always love and appreciate the one you are with, even if you might have doubts, fears and in securities. You never know when you might lose them. Just remember that person was sent on your way with a reason, one we will never know. Giving your soul for your other half, without expecting anything in return. Each breath you take, every thought filled with nothing more than love. Never let past hurt and sadness influence you as it is only there to destroy your current state of mind, life is short and when it’s over, you might regret certain mistakes… Life is precious and worth living. Days might seem dark but remember the sun makes it light even during storms, and at night there is the moon that does the same
even though it might not be seen, it is always there… Take it from me, I have been in a dark hole, but with love and friendship I got out... Just believe in yourself and those around you who have the courage to stick by you through your dark times...

Live life without regrets, only with love and always believe…

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Powerless: The Beginning
Price: $4.00 USD. Words: 28,280. Language: English (South African dialect). Published: March 5, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Short stories
Carter is a young boy who deals with the every day struggles, he even has some darker secrets and troubles to deal with. Living a not so normal lifestyle according to the community around him, he has to deal with being different. Life takes him on a roller coaster ride, ups and a lot of downs...

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