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  • Scapemaker on Feb. 07, 2013

    I loved this book. Dreamscapers – people who are able to enter the dream world and protect the non-scapers from night terrors. But watch out because you will encounter ghosts, zombies, skin walkers, magic chutes, soul feeders & a few more characters. But don’t be fouled because all of these characters are not like what you have read before. They all have their different spin. The story opens and the plot unfolds quickly. The heart racing adventure keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I would liken this book to “Yoda” meeting “Neo” and going on a hike with the “Goonies.” If you believe you can do it, you can! The only thing that really bothered me about the book was in the beginning. I thought the author didn’t know the difference between the words was & were. It was extremely annoying, however as the story gets going this comes up again and the author reveals his humor by making fun of his own character. The writing is simple and not weighed down. It would have been nice to see a little more description but this is not meant to be a negative since the book stands up to scrutiny. The story doesn’t end nice and clean, there are some questions that have not been answered, but you will not mind. This reader will look forward to the 2nd book Soul Feeders. I hardly ever rate a YA book a 5 but his one deserves it.
  • Queens are Wild on May 02, 2013

    ** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ** “Queens are Wild” is gripping from the start and holds you hostage until the very end. Jack Chaucer delivers an intriguing idea of time travel and follows it up with a side of female kick ass action. There are things that work well for this story and Margeaux Quigley the female protagonist is at the top of the list. She is self confident, athletic, intelligent and always ready to defend herself as well as her country. Much to the chagrin of those who are trying to help her she also speaks her mind. Second would be the rapid paced narrative which leaves no lag time. The idea of jumping into the future from playing a living version of chess is also captivating and unquestionably original. However no story is without its flaws and “Queens are Wild” is no exception. The biggest problem was weak dialogue and poor descriptions. There is also a slight conundrum with the time travel and the ending but all in all this was an exhilarating chronicle and worth the few hours to read.
  • Ladd Springs on May 19, 2013

    ** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ** The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s had fought over a pig but they have nothing over the feud that has begun over the land rights of Ladd springs. Ladd Springs is a gorgeous mountainous sanctuary that Delaney and her daughter Felicity Wilkins live on. The current owner is Delaney’s uncle Ernie who on his sister’s death bed promised to leave his land to Felicity but later recants. Enter in a handsome hotelier Nick, the illegitimate daughter (Casey) of Delaney’s brother Jeremiah and the swindling neighbor Clem and you have yourself the fixin’s for a good old fashioned fight. At first glance this story seems simplistic and dull. However Venetta pulls you in with plot twists that could have deadly consequences, the beginning of a romance and good old fashioned family drama. The narrative is over flowing with flawed characters and shows depth with complicated relationships. As each new person put in their claim for the land it becomes increasing clear that all was not as it seems. The ending is somewhat predictable or so you are lead to believe, however the sequel “Ladd Fortune” promises to have new revelations to disclose.
  • Ladd Fortune on July 17, 2013

    *** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *** If you liked “Ladd Springs” the first novel in this series then “Ladd Fortune” will have you will on the edge of you seat with move developed characters and new plot twists. I likened the first book to the Hatfield and McCoy’s but this book is more like reading an episode of “All My Children”. Venetta has found her stride and writes family drama superbly. When money, land or promises enter the picture people whether related or not show their true colors and this book captures that essence beautifully. What I appreciated in this book was that the romance between Delany and Nick took a back seat and the lesser characters from book one were more prominent. This gave a more rounded view of the family and showed how deep certain emotions and betrayal really ran. Not to say that there isn’t a new romance or two on the horizon, but to not give away any spoilers that will be all that I say on that front. I was able to see how fragile Casey is while her mother Annie tends to be stubborn and ultimately wants to protect her child. The hunky twins enter the scene and Jeremiah; well let’s just say he is a true fiend. I truly felt like Delaney was just a tad greedy in the beginning trying to take all the land when it was really Ernie’s to give to whom ever he chose but after this installment I have become more of a fan. All in all I liked this book more then the first and it truly is a stunning sequel. The author did an amazing job of giving not only a wholesome but also riveting story. There are still some lingering questions hanging out there but I am positive that the third book “Hotel Ladd” will give the perfect ending. I for one can’t wait for the release!!
  • Scapemaker on Dec. 31, 2013

    *** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *** Many revisions have been made to this book since my original review to here is my update: This is one of those books that I loved right from the moment I started reading. There was never a dull moment and it held my attention to the very end. It was hard to put down because I felt like I would miss something if I did. The characters are lively, vivid, fun and at times translucent. And there is a wide variety of alternate characters to tickle your fancy as well, such as ghosts, skin walkers, goblins, zombies and killer rabbits just to name a few. Even the villain is written superbly and takes evil to a whole new level. The author did an amazing job of introducing such a dynamic new world and did it with out the obligatory information dump that usually accompanies the big reveal. As the main character learns and is introduce so are you as a reader. The book climaxes in the right spot and does leave you with some unanswered questions to pull you into the next part of the series. All in all I have to say watch out Hogwarts because there is a new school in town called Scapemaker High. ** *Please note a few of the negatives I originally mentioned have either been removed or revised and no longer apply.
  • Hotel Ladd on Jan. 10, 2014

    *** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *** “Hotel Ladd” is the third book in the Ladd series and it is devoted to Annie and Casey’s story. Annie is trying to look out for her daughter and thought that once she got the land that was rightfully Casey’s everything would be just fine. However Casey just wants her independence and to be with Troy and as you can imagine nothing goes as planned. As if family relations were not hard enough none other then Jillian Devane walks in and stirs up trouble like no one else can. Venetta has her pulse on the inner workings of tough relationships and angst. She writes characters that are real not hiding their flaws. I found as a reader I’ve had to work through hating the characters before I could have sympathy for them. And that is definitely the case with Annie Owens. I found her to be selfish and narcissistic but once I learned more of her story then I could overlook her short comings and start to root for her. However with that being said what Venetta writes even better is an iniquitous villain. Jillian Devane is just that - she is callous, vindictive, stunningly beautiful and yes ruthless. I found that her character out shined and was more interesting then what was going on with the others. Annie and Casey’s story didn’t leave me wanting more from them but Jillian’s threats have captured my attention and I can’t wait to see what she does. Seems as if “Hotel Ladd” has set up the forth book “Ladd Haven” masterfully.
  • Ladd Haven on Jan. 10, 2014

    *** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *** In the Ladd Spring Series this book is my favorite by far jumping in where “Hotel Ladd” left off. The hotel is now completed and up and running. Troy is home and he doesn’t know that Casey is pregnant. While the other books dealt with one or two major characters and built on their story this book really went the distance and pulled in the entire cast. Casey and Felicity take center stage but more history is revealed regarding Delaney and Jack, Cal and Jack and not to be forgotten but the rest of the Foster Clan. The Drama and action is off the charts with a tease of much more to come. If you thought that evil existed in Jillian Devane or Jeremiah then watch out because Jack is in town and brings a whole new meaning to the title. Jillian and Jeremiah are not essential to this story but it is hinted that they are going to be major plot characters in “Losing Ladd”
  • Losing Ladd on Feb. 13, 2014

    ** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *** I wasn’t sure if “Losing Ladd” was going to be able to live up to “Ladd Haven” but it absolutely surpassed it. While this series started off nice and simple with a quaint southern community it really built and climaxed with a drama that could rival any day time soap. If one villain wasn’t enough, this time around all three returned and joined forces. Jillian, Jack and Jeremiah are even more dastardly then before and left no one unscathed. It was intriguing to figure out how each character was going to play off the other and who was responsible for what. Even who was going to survive at times came into question. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to end until the conclusion which is always a bonus. Felicity grows up substantially in this book. And even though I like Felicity it was nice to see her be tested as to what she is made of. Actually I loved how all the characters came together to protect each other and what is important to them. I can say with out a doubt this is the perfect conclusion to the Ladd Series.