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Will you tell me a bit about your book?
Sure, Arron Edward Jones is an eight year old boy who is about a month away from his ninth birthday party. The problem is he doesn't want a party, even though is mother, Amanda, assures him that it is for his own good. After all, his mother says, you went to Johnny's, Sammy's, and Jimmy's so it won't look right if you don't invite them to you pool party.

Arron is very much interested is biology, astronomy, and all other types of sciences. He doesn't have time for such foolishness as parties or reading non science books or watching non scientific stuff on T.V. or at the movies.

Arron does belong to the JR chemist and the biology clubs at school. He also belongs to the astronomy and geology community clubs.

Amanda, Arron's mother, thinks that Arron needs to get out more and meet "normal" children, instead of only geeks. So, Amanda has Arron plan a pool party at their house and invite eleven children, not just his geeky friends.

This is my first book, but defiantly not my last.
Are you going to wrte more about Arron?
Yes, of course but I also write books of a political nature. My next book will focus on presidential executive orders that pertain to national security. But in up-coming books you will hear about Arron's, amusing, trip to the morgue and his camping trip with his farther and other things. And, you will be reading more about Aunt jean, Tom, Amanda, and Jim.
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