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  • The Evolution of Human Intellect --- Discover the Information that Schools and Religions Aren’t Yet Teaching on Dec. 18, 2012

    This book has a lot of interesting thoughts almost smothered by an often preachy feeling story of a journey. The content is stimulating and eventually becomes engaging but it takes a lot of dedication on the part of the reader to get past the troublesome first chapter and then settle into the ride. It wasn't till near the end that I felt the desire to continue. At the end I felt a little let down by the complete lack of concrete information. The metaphorical bridges and tour guide's explanations were too flossy and seemed only to brush the surface of what could have been explored. I would have liked something a bit more hard hitting and academic from a book that claims to teach you what "schools and religions" don't. I'm left with the feeling that the author has not got out all the information they wanted in as educative a way as they desired. There is more, one hopes, to Smith's understanding of this subject than is in this book. I also recieved this from the author after signing up to win it in a giveaway. Thanks to the author for allowing me to read it.