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  • Charactered Pieces: stories on April 25, 2012

    Charactered Pieces is such an interesting read. Some of the stories are very disturbing in nature. The gritty, stark and sometimes depraved nature of how these stories are written is both disturbing and provoking. I had many emotions and thoughts as I went from story to story. The Camel Of Morocco stands out as one that made me feel the most disgust as I visualized the bloodletting and drinking. The story that I enjoyed the most is The Camp for the sheer human emotion felt at the loss of a loved one and how those left behind deal with the pain of this loss. Many thanks to the author for bringing these stories to publication.
  • Murmurs: Gathered Stories Vol. One on April 25, 2012

    This book was a surprise to me. The stories were dark and twisted. Though I normally do not read stories of this nature, I enjoyed reading these. The author has such a way with words and sentence structure that I felt drawn into the stories. The base emotions brought to life throughout this book are very compelling. I salute you as a writer.
  • Crossover 'The Chosen One Trilogy: Book One' on Aug. 05, 2012

    I downloaded this book from here. Was looking for a new author to read. Was a great read. Wasn't a 100% sure I would enjoy this when I loaded it onto my Nook. What a pleasant surprise! Once I got past the first chapter I could not put my Nook down. I want to thank the author for making Book One free to download. I will be purchasing the next 2 books soon. I have posted a recommendation on Facebook. I will also post to my Reading Blog, Goodreads and Twitter. Cathleen McCleary