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  • No Other Option on April 28, 2011

    If you love action thrillers and haven't read Marcus Wynne yet you are really missing out. Marcus has been there and actually done that, and it shows in his writing. You don't just read the action in Wynne's books you feel and experience it. I read every book Marcus Wynne writes and this is the book that first got me hooked. You'll spend more money at the drive through at Starbucks, buy yourself a real treat, pick up "No Other Option." Also excellent, "Air Marshalls", "With a Vengeance", and "Johnny Wylde" all available dirt cheap here on Smashwords.
  • Air Marshals on June 19, 2011

    Another in a growing list of great Marcus Wynne novels, that keep the action thriller genre alive and well; thank you sir. I couldn't put this book down, amazing insight and action. Hard to believe this was written pre 9/11. A bargain at twice the price, where else can you get hours of entertainment for 3 bucks?
  • Air Marshals on July 17, 2011

    I absolutely loved this book, and can not believe it was written pre 9/11. Amazing detail and some of the best action I've ever read. Wynne is a must read for me, there aren't enough real action writers out there, and MArcus is the cream of the crop.