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Allison Heather
Latest book: The Plan. Published January 14, 2018.
Ana Thalia
Latest book: Dairy Delights Collection. Published May 20, 2017.
Ariella Dane
Latest book: Doggy Desires (Taboo Hardcore Beastiality). Published July 10, 2014.
Artemis Damodred
Latest book: Pilot Breeder II. Published March 9, 2015.
Celeste M. Bath
Latest book: Breeder. Published July 26, 2016.
Cindel Sabante
Latest book: Becoming Her Baby Boy (ABDL Age Play). Published July 22, 2015.
Farm Erotica
Latest book: Caught Giving A Blowjob To Daddys Dog. Published June 21, 2017.
Georgia Fox
Latest book: Slam Hardy. Published May 23, 2016.
Irma Marazza
Latest book: Milfania. Published October 2, 2017.
Janie Joseph
Latest book: Hotel 40. Evacuating the Nest. Published July 29, 2014.
Jazzy Paws
Latest book: The Pack Takes My Virginity. Published August 8, 2017.
Jez Bestiality
Latest book: Dominated By The Doberman. Published October 30, 2017.
Lexi Arabella
Latest book: Claiming Ellie (The Preacher's Girls). Published April 18, 2014.
Lilly James
Latest book: Daddy's Nasty Little Girl. Published February 12, 2018.
Lolly Stroker
Latest book: Used Hard By His Dog While Strangers Watch. Published September 22, 2017.
Louise Savelsberg
Latest book: Cookies of the Past and Future. Published November 21, 2013.
Malaw Hule
Latest book: Mom Doesn't Know I Caught Her at the Gloryhole. Published January 21, 2018.
Mina Shay
Latest book: Sapiosexual. Published July 23, 2017.
N.M Peters
Latest book: Dog Gone It! (Animal Erotica). Published September 12, 2013.
Naughti Gurl
Latest book: Master's Pet, Fenrir's Bitch. Published November 18, 2016.
Nicole Draylock
Latest book: Breeder of the Pack. Published February 13, 2018.
Persephone Parsons
Latest book: Grinding with the Golem (Monster Erotica). Published February 2, 2014.
Rael Bayellis
Latest book: A Week in the Life. Published February 11, 2016.
Scarlet Stone
Latest book: The Dragon's Captured Bride. Published December 21, 2016.
Talia Trace
Latest book: Tentacle Erotica Mega Bundle (NINE STORY BUNDLE!). Published September 18, 2015.
Tiffany Meat
Latest book: Daddy's Princess. Published July 26, 2016.
Velvet O'Meara
Latest book: Mother Daughter Swap Society 1. Published October 14, 2015.
Vintage Crochet
Latest book: Fruit Banquet Tablecloth Crochet pattern. Published January 25, 2017.