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  • Demon Lord VI - Son of Chaos on June 29, 2011

    the book was good no doubt there , better then the last one by miles , but it ended extremely abruptly almost like it was incomplete you people on samsh might want to check on that just in case , any way it was good book and i am looking forward to the next one
  • Tarranau on July 31, 2011

    From its style it clear to see that this is the authors first book to not expect anything in the league of masters of fantasy like likes of Patrick Rothfuss or even a enjoyable read like from R A Salvatore , although i give praise for its length usually these types of books last only 100 or so pages compared to the 300 of this books , but for me both the story and characters felt flat and lacking especially the protagonist who was in my opinion a whiny little goody two-shoes , not to be cruel but overall in my opinion this book is readable but not very enjoyable and as such it isnt worth the 5 $ asked for it , there are plenty other more enjoyable works on smash for less