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A little bit about me and how I got my start…..
I loved to read, love a variety of books spanning all genres. I love the written word, wished I could express myself that way. I didn’t actually try to write until college. During my 2nd year I took a philosophy class called Foundations of Realism. It intrigued me reading all these ancient philosophers how they used the written word to try to express all these intricate ideas. Language was not just a tool to get an idea across, but was actually the palette with which they used the paint of language to make the art of their ideas come alive. The course consisted of 15 papers containing 10 pages each, single spaced, to be written on all manner of subject thru both semesters. My first experience with writing. I wasn’t good at all. Ideas weren’t the problem, putting them on paper like art was. I had no flow.My first paper received a D-. I was stunned, i thought my writing was art! The professor disagreed, broke down the paper, showed me my mistakes. With each paper I would get better, moving from a D- to a D, to a D+. I stagnated at that grade until the 6th paper, I moved into C- range. This progression was consistent all year. Finally the last paper was due. I got it back it had an A+ on it. I was ecstatic, felt like I accomplished something big, and he told me I had a real talent for writing. After college I didn’t write much. Here and there writing journal entries,thoughts about particular topics. Never any stories, I never had that creative juice for that. For the past 20 years it was a hobby. When I wrote I felt fulfilled, ecstatic, that i accomplished something. But I never kept with it, always got distracted.Recently I was dating a girl and we were messaging back and forth on the computer, very sexy messages. I described different scenarios of sexual encounters, vivid & in depth. Tried to draw her in to the picture i was painting. She said my writing was so descriptive, vivid, and detailed that she got lost in my painting, wet with desire. Believed I had real talent, that I could be published. She did convince me, so out popped the idea, Dear Storyteller Erotica where the fans of the site submit letters and stories of their sexual experience. The site is brand new, I don’t have many followers yet, so the stories that are posted are written by me. But I hope to actually turn this into a site where people can submit their own stories of sexual encounters.

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A Youthful Tale of Sensual Exploration – An Erotic Short Story
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 7,740. Language: English. Published: February 21, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Literary Erotica, Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
Storyteller Erotica is a collection of short stories and letters detailing Intimate & Sensual Sexual encounters. It's guaranteed to get you worked up, make a woman's thighs moisten, and make a guy's manhood rise to purpose. Follow along in the series and read stories & tales of exciting and erotic experiences!!

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