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Smashwords book reviews by RIP32

  • A Vampire in the Vatican 'Brotherhood of the Sword' on March 11, 2014

    This is my first attempt at writing a review so here goes. I enjoyed every part of this book. It follows the path of an Inspector Martinelli from the Vatican City Police. He doesn't believe in vampires but when everything seems to point that way he goes with the flow. He adapts very well. The story is wonderful and not really scary but is believable. I think this is how it would happen if it was really going on. Lots of mystery and very easy to read and follow. Good ending.
  • In Extremis on March 11, 2014

    This was a fantastic horror/undead tale. I really enjoyed it. Didn't take long to read which was sad, would like to read a novel length.
  • That Moment... on March 16, 2014

    This isn't normally my style of book, but, I came across it by chance and decided to buy it. I had to read it all the way through and have no doubt I'll be late for work tomorrow as it's way after midnight. It was worth it. I admit I have cried. This book has really touched my heart. I thought I was a tough kinda person but it seems I'm not. Fantastic read and highly recommended.
  • Feed on March 19, 2014

    This book is scary, gory, great vampire stuff, good story but, Too much good stuff at the end and not at the beginning. Enjoyed the read.
  • Ruck Nor on May 19, 2014

    Sounds evil and I loved it. Want to read more about this other world.
  • Pulchritudinous Book 1 on May 19, 2014

    This book is fantastic fantasy for kids. I enjoyed reading it myself. Looking forward to more.