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Smashwords book reviews by Stuart Naughten

  • Jurassic Prick (Fungus #2) on Dec. 16, 2012

    During a tough and painfully normal day of work, reading this ridiculousness is a good tonic. The humor shocks me away from reality with vivid visual humor, silly violence, cups of cafe and feathers flying everywhere. The humor is unlike anything I've read. I laugh out loud and then don't know why I did!
  • China, Please Give Me More (Fungus #3) on March 13, 2013

    So fun but not good for my mental health to read this stuff as it makes me hallucinate seeing weird stuff around Melbourne. The descriptions are vivid and grand in scale and make me see the world as a crazier, more colorful version of itself. But most of all I'm enjoying the developing relationships among the characters who are very endearing and eccentric. Puts me in a unique frame of mind reading this stuff!