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I have been writing on and off for over 10 years now and as such have 7 titles either published or in varying degrees of completion with a view to being published. I cover a variety of genres from comedic writing to health and fitness all the way to dark, violent police crime thrillers! Having many differing interests is what can make any writer more able to adapt to a new genre as they can pull on experiences from several events to make a great story. I first began writing at school when I used to write plays for various events, mostly seasonal plays and funny, quirky, stories. I also used to direct, build sets, act and cast them. Whilst writing my first novel, Lost In The City, I came across a police officer in Chicago who had the exact level of knowledge I needed to help me with the more intimate details the story needed. 4 months later and my story had a lot more meat on its bones! I was then able to turn my 30+ year love of weight training into a brand new training program for a new generation of lifters to reach new goals and break plateaus. A sharply comedic upbringing helped, along with a slightly crazier than me sister, to create my third novel. A short story based on the classic tale of a hopeless guy who becomes a knight in shining armour when help is needed in his home town. Outrageously,and quite ridiculously funny, it has lay dormant for several years now as I finished other projects,but rest assured it will soon be getting some much needed love and attention as I finish it off ready for publication. As a father of three I don't always have the time to sit and write for 12 hours a day as I used when I first started writing but I can assure you I have no less passion for a good story than I did before I became a father. Not all books have to be war and peace to be a good read and likewise, not all stories have to be number 1 best sellers to make you happy when you make a sale. Money is not my driving force,and never has been! A good story, that makes you laugh, cry or wonder why is as good as anything I have ever experienced. Likewise, the ability to connect with an audience without talking down to them, or patronising them by assuming I am smarter or know what you like better than you know yourself is never going to impress anyone. I don't like Hollywood happy endings as a rule and will always look for the real, human, cost in any situation that my characters find themselves in long before I sugar coat anything merely to please the typical, the hero must never lose, crowd!

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
The fans are everything! The immense satisfaction I get from seeing a review, or download from one of my books is more important than anything else. Knowing that someone took their time to look at something I wrote is special, and I never take it for granted.
What are you working on next?
I am currently working on my fitness and training series, the 20:TWELVE:20 training manual and diet system then I am going to finish a brand new franchise I have nearing completion about a small town,down on his luck, outcast who receive amazing powers to help fight against an alien invasion. Chosen as the earths saviour,protector and hero he is quick to realise that he is in way over his head, and that he isn't the best candidate for the job! Adult humour abounds in this one, which is one of my favourite projects so far, before I return to my roots with a very secret,but long awaited project.
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20:TWELVE:20 advanced,adaptive,diet and pyramid training system
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