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My first full-length published work, The Dagger of Dresnia, is the first book in The Talismans Trilogy. Book two, The Cloak of Challiver will be released soon as an ebook here, along with a physical book available soon afterwards.

You might also like to check out my short story 'La Belle Dame' in the anthology Mythic Resonance. (I've loved fantasy all my life, as you can see from my list of influences below)

My first publication was a poem in The Manchester Guardian when I was seven. I continued to write poems, vignettes and non-fiction throughout my childhood and teenage years, and as an adult I graduated to writing reviews, interviews and feature articles for The Australian, The West Australian, Music Maker, ArtsWest, Dance Australia and other journals. (Under the name Carol Flavell Neist, I still write occasional reviews for the Artshub website.) However, I did not start writing fiction until I hit my fifties, so now I'm trying to make up for lost time!

Born in Manchester, The United Kingdom
GenreFantasy, Nonfiction, Poetry
My Influences:
Juliet Marillier
Glenda Larke
Karen Miller
Robin Hobb
George RR Martin

Smashwords Interview

Satima, I'd like to ask what was the starting impulse for The Dagger, and the rest of the series. Was it a particular character, a scene, the world itself, or something else?
I came to write this trilogy in a very roundabout way, Joanna! In 2003 I attended a convention where I did a workshop with Lee Battersby, in which he asked us to picture a building we knew well and then to set it to a new use. And then we had to imagine a person arriving at the building ...

I immediately thought of an old hotel in North Devon where I'd worked for a while when I was backpacking. One of the approaches to this castle-like building was up a steep, cobblestoned street, and I imagined a man with a horse in stormy weather. He had to dismount because the horse kept slipping. He was coming to the castle to warn a recently widowed princess that a would-be usurper was seeking to kill her baby, who was the new king of the country.

The next day, Lee asked us to read our work out loud in front of the guests of honour, Lynn Flewelling and Fiona McIntosh. Both these ladies were kind enough to commend my story and they told me I should write the whole story. It took a while - over the following few years I wrote that book, which I quickly realised wasn't the beginning of the story, so I had to write a prequel. These are now books one and two of The Talismans trilogy. That scene I wrote back in 2003 will turn up in book two, which is coming up for release in 2015.
What’s the best thing about being a writer?
Satima Flavell Talking to other writers and readers about books and the writing process is the best thing about being a writer - but of course, playing with my imaginary friends is just as much fun! Helping new writers learn their craft is also enjoyable and rewarding - see my blog post on this topic:
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The Dagger Of Dresnia
Price: $4.68 USD. Words: 129,020. Language: English. Published: July 5, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Queen Ellyria wants her sick triplet sons to live, each ruling over a third of the kingdom, their father's dying wish. Trapped in a deadly bargain with a Dark Spirit, she recruits a band of young mages to help - the Dark Spirit befriends her enemies, seduces her friends, curses the kingdom with famine, betrayal and bereavement. . Can Ellyria unite her elvish & human families to save her family?

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