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Adam Mannan
Latest book: Ripples in an Emerald Sea. Published December 28, 2012. (5.00 from 6 reviews)

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  • Ripples in an Emerald Sea on Jan. 13, 2013

    I stopped reading Sci-Fi for a few years and I’m so glad that I got back into it with this book. In a line: good story line, great characters, awesome imagination, high quality writing, humour, action packed throughout. In more detail: the development of the main character and her duality Aerie (awesome name!) as the book progresses is very well done. I found the relationship between Lya and her duality intriguing and could not help but wonder until the end where this was leading to as Aerie’s ability increased. And, was Lya’s arm ever going to grow back at the end?! I applaud Lya’s ability to be a highly attractive, complete kick-ass action junkie whilst having just one arm! The book constantly bombards us with very interesting new technologies and I wish some really existed as described in the book (the neuralnet and femtobots being the most obvious). I liked the fact that the technologies also had limitations. The language is dense, but I found it easy to get into and I really enjoyed the author’s voice and writing skills. All the plot lines are tied up at the end. The pace really picks up and kept me glued to the book. Overall, I got into the book’s world and will definitely be keeping an eye for the next installment. Highly recommended.