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I'm a young writer who loves to read and write. I hope to maybe become published in the future, though I know I need a lot of work before I can do such a thing.

I mainly write fantasy, and I'm currently working on two series simultaneously, one consisting of five books, and a trilogy. I also have a sci-fi book in the planning, but it's not a main project right now.

I don't know what else to say other than I'm honest, I don't believe in sugar coating things, and I don't want things to be sugar coated for me. Be honest with me because I usually don't care what people think of me. Telling me a fault isn't going to hurt my feelings.

If you have any questions or want to read a blurb from one of my stories, go ahead and let me know somehow!

~M.L Worley

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Smashwords book reviews by M.L Worley

  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on March 07, 2012

    While I found the writing to be well thought out with little mistakes, I couldn't bring myself to read past the first few pages. I know, I know, that's not a lot and I should probably give it more of a chance, but I didn't because of how it started. It didn't hook me, and books that don't hook me in the beginning won't hook me in the end. I find it's just going to be another love story without much originality to it, and I disliked the immediate jump into a flashback. Overall, good writing, but it just didn't catch my attention enough for me to consider it readable.