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Smashwords book reviews by Amanda

  • Uncertainty (Gravity series, 2) on May 09, 2012

    I won a copy of Uncertainty through LibraryThing. And after reading Gravity, all I could say was "Yay!" Uncertainty starts out with Ariel starting summer break, about a year after her best friend Jenna went missing. Jenna's body has fortunately been found and buried, and Ariel isn't having the dreams of her anymore. Well, thanks to modern medicine. Ariel is sick of being in a Benzo fog, so she decides to take herself off her meds (NOT a good idea btw) and as soon as she does this, she gets her best friend back! As a ghost, but still. Jenna can't remember anything that's happened, still thinks she's alive and insists they just finished freshman year. Meanwhile, Henry decides he actually misses Ariel, and wants to at least be her friend again. So glad I'm not a teenager living in Hell. Uncertainty left me a little, well, uncertain about how this was all going to go, and end. I was glad we got some answers about Jenna, but just as we were about to get some more- dum dum DUM!- the secret sharer wasn't sharing anymore! And I didn't have too much left of the book! Luckily I got on Miss Boyd's blog to see she is in the process of working on the 3rd installment. THANK GOD! Because there is no UNCERTAINTY about it, I want more! I want more of Henry and Ariel, I want to know all the dirty little secrets this cult town Hell posesses, and I want to find out if all those snobs get their due! Until then, I'll wait with bated breath...
  • Paraglide on May 14, 2012

    Paraglide is about a boy, Jim Winters (age 15) and his sister Erica (age 9) that are trying to find their missing father in 6 days, because their mother gets kidnapped while they are on vacation in England. The bad guys believe Jim's father has stolen some jewels, and they want them back in exchange for Mrs. Winters. I gave this book 3 stars, and found it likable, more for the 10-14 age group. I had a hard time finding it believeable, maybe because I've never met a 9 yr old as smart as what Erica seemed to be. The kids caught on to clues pretty quickly, as well as escaped captors and goons better than most adults would ever be able to. Paraglide was a fun, light read, taking you on a journey across Europe, and I found it well written, if not a little more juvenile than what I'm used to.
  • Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy on Sep. 03, 2012

    I received a copy of Faelorehn courtesy of Library Thing in exchange for a review. Meghan is a junior in high school that doesn't quite fit in. It could be because of her always changing eye color, the fact that she's somehow 'different' from her peers. It doesn't help that she hears voices and the trees talk to her. But she's accepted her oddities and has found great friendship with 4 other misfits from her private school. Things start to get weird after Meghan sleep walks into the swamp area behind her house, where she meets and is rescued by Cade. I really wish Cade and Meghan would've developed more in the story, especially after Cade told Meghan who she really was (sort of) and where she came from. I'm not so sure Meghan was such a believable character at first. Had someone told me that I wasn't quite human, but from an Otherworld, I would be asking all sorts of questions and wanting answers for every one of them! Meghan just seemed to not care as much. Overall, the story held my attention, and I really started to enjoy it around the middle. I look forward to reading the next in the trilogy!
  • Erotic Seduction on Dec. 05, 2012

    I recieved a copy of Erotic Seduction courtesy of Tom Barry and LibraryThing in exchange for a review. I started Erotic Seduction not realizing the characters were also the ones from When the Siren Calls. I enjoyed the 3 short stories for the most part, and am going to read the full version of When the Siren Calls. I'm hoping the full book is a little more erotic and involved, and for sure gives more back story with the characters. Maybe I should've read it first, but either way, I'm already intrigued.