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Susan McKenzie grew up in Sydney’s West, in a small town with plenty of bush on the outskirts. It made for a perfect playground – bush to hide in and explore, trees to climb. Great food for the imagination. She loved to draw, paint, play the guitar and recorder, and write stories. Sitting around the kitchen table with her brothers and sisters, either drawing or painting the object that her father placed in the middle of the table, or writing stories together.
But life gets in the way of dreams, and all those fun things gave way to working and socialising, getting married (and divorced) and having a son, now an adult.
Dreams have a way of creeping back into your life. Sue reached a point in her life where she wondered what she should do with herself – career-wise and with her free time. This got her thinking about what made her happy as a child, and the memories came flooding back. Writing and art.
During several art courses and a creative writing course, she started writing her first serious Paranormal/Romance novel, “Tamisan”. It is available as an eBook right now where all good eBooks are sold and is available in print.
Writing on paper proved to be too complicated when it came to editing, so she bought a computer. This eventually led to teaching computers.
Life still tried its best to stop her, but with “Tamisan” finally finished and “The Andromeda Mine” well on the way, there’s no looking back.
Being someone who is into all things arty, she has also created some images for a children’s book called “The Lake”, which is a story in a book called “Australian Boys Adventures” by Richard Dabinett. Unfortunately, it is not available as an eBook (yet). She also designed and painted the digital artwork for the cover of her book using a graphics tablet.
Sue is a full-time author who helps out other authors with computer-related things and still lives in Western Sydney with her son, but sadly no bush behind the house to play in. She is encouraging her siblings and her son to write, so hopefully there will be more published authors in the family soon.

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