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I am the owner of Adirondack Editing, an affordable, professional copy editing and proofreading services. Since I also love to read, I write many reviews. Please feel free to contact me for more information about editing or reviewing!

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  • Seed of Power: Book Two of the Dark Pilgrim Series on Aug. 28, 2012

    Dark Seed, the second book in the Dark Pilgrim series, is an astonishing, fast-moving blend of politics and science fiction. The two main human characters have now been joined by several members of various species. As this rag-tag collection of strays tries desperately to avoid recapture by the dogged Imperium, the religio-political thread twists and turns with lightning speed. With the pieces of the newest Emperor ready to be shoveled into his coffin and the next heir determined not to be part of the Imperium, I can’t even begin to guess how the next book in the series, Dark Throne, will play out. Mr. Ubtrent’s imagination has generated a fantastic reading experience. I couldn’t put it down! Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing
  • Dark Throne: Book Three of the Dark Pilgrim Series on Aug. 28, 2012

    The galaxy flees in vain before the vengeance of the Ynos. Four thousand years ago, their peaceful cousins were viciously hunted down and exterminated in a glut of greed. Now they have returned, seemingly undefeatable and hell-bent on destroying everyone in their path. The reluctant Emperor finds himself the military leader of not one, but two distinct species, at war with each other. Persistent and conflicting memories from both groups vie for his brain’s attention. But it’s the present he must force himself to focus on, even though unremitting discoveries of atrocities committed on his behalf also threaten his mental stability. The core group of supporters who escaped with him from the penal colony, with a few new additions, is fragmenting quickly. Intrigues, betrayal, murder, and insanity stalk the Imperium, the religious Houses, and the new Restoration. It’s anyone’s guess what happens next. Dark Throne, the third book in the Dark Pilgrim series, is excellent. I highly recommend this extraordinary series to anyone who enjoys science fiction or political intrigue. Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing
  • Dark Enlightenment: Book Four of the Dark Pilgrim Series on Aug. 28, 2012

    Ubtrent has compiled another crowd-pleaser with this fourth title in the Dark Pilgrim series! The exceptional writing incorporates rich, vibrant details and imaginative, note-worthy characters. Confusion and chaos rule – each character starts out with a firm purpose but is forced to adjust quickly to deal with unexpected complications. A subtle touch of humor pervades; a large, insectoid assassin frustrated with his error thinks, “It was enough to make him molt right there on the spot.” This transitional book has a little less action than the previous volumes but is jam-packed with information and the plot twists will make any reader of this series gasp with delight and shock. Ubtrent has a first-rate ability to weave multiple sub-plots throughout the series, each of which branches into additional scenarios. His accomplished introduction of new, distinctive characters as preceding ones meet their unexpected demise continues to enchant this reader. Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing
  • Dark Pilgrim Rising: Book one of the Dark Pilgrim Series on Aug. 30, 2012
    (no rating)
    Dark Pilgrim Rising, the first of six works of fiction in the Dark Pilgrim series, is a carefully crafted science fiction novel. The reader is dropped far into the future into the middle of the two main characters’ 20-year stay in a harsh and hostile penal colony, while the religiously-based political elements called Houses swirl in cagey undercurrents in the discord that the emperor’s death has left behind. The number of different non-human species in this book is astounding. Mr. Ubtrent's excellent descriptions, and those of their human counterparts, are vivid and unique. The remarkable characters demand the reader’s attention, inserting themselves into the mind and heart, racing headlong toward the conclusion of this book. Which, really, is only the beginning. You’ll have to read the other five volumes to find out the true finale - Seed of Power, Dark Throne, Dark Enlightenment, Dark Redemption, and Fallen Pilgrim. Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing
  • Dark Redemption: Book Five of the Dark Pilgrim Series on Sep. 24, 2012

    All the political segments in the galaxy, religious or military, are dissolving rapidly in this fifth book of the Dark Pilgrim Series, wrecked almost beyond recognition by the vindictive Ynos and a mysterious virus that only attacks humans. Multiple persons claim leadership roles without knowledge of each other. The most cataclysmic weapon in the galaxy could save humanity and all the other species living with them. But will the unenthusiastic Emperor figure out how to deploy it in time to thwart the Ynos in their quest for complete eradication? While some splinter groups of his original clique unknowingly work in concert with his scheme, others have his premature demise as their objective. Which band will accomplish their plan first? This six-book series begins to coalesce into a grand finale, but I’m sure there’s plenty more action and twists to come! Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing
  • Human Instincts on Sep. 26, 2012

    This apocalyptic novella has a remarkable concept as its base. While on the surface it appears to be a melding of several different post-apocalyptic themes, the exciting and suspenseful result contains some new twists. The fast pace starts out with definitive action in trying to solve the current problem enmeshed with an overview of how events led to the prevailing situation. The quandary lies in this question: how do you save the human race when all you’ve got to work with are hard-core prisoners with psychiatric challenges? Visan does a very good job of exploring multiple options and predicaments within the word constraints of a novella. The writing is skillful, the characters are meaty, and the premise is thought-provoking. A definite read! Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing
  • Destinies on Oct. 12, 2012

    A lavish Russian saga you can certainly sink your teeth into! Russia’s Catherine the Great is depicted in a historically-accurate yet fictionally fleshed-out manner, making history come alive in a smart, needy woman who ignores the peasantry and doesn’t understand the heart of the country she’s ruling. Her intriguing story is contrasted with that of a fictional immigrant boy and his family who have come from Germany looking for a better life. The substantial characters are unusually well-developed and the writing is so good I didn’t even notice it – high praise indeed from an editor! Morrow’s first foray into novels is highly recommended. Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing
  • Dark Pilgrim Fallen: Book Six of the Dark Pilgrim Series on Nov. 16, 2012

    A glorious ending to a fabulous series! Wow. I just finished the last book in the Dark Pilgrim Series. While the ending to the Ynos threat is certainly explosive and riveting, the ending to the series itself is supremely satisfying. It ends in an unexpected yet absolutely gratifying wrap-up that is just perfect. I could go on for several more sentences, repeating my compliments for the writing, characters, and descriptions which I mentioned in previous reviews, but I think I’ll just stop with “Wow”. Susan Uttendorfsky Owner, Adirondack Editing