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A.M. Gray
Latest book: Yule Quest. Published March 31, 2012. (3.00 from 2 reviews)

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  • Dream man on March 18, 2012

    Beautiful story! I have yet to read anything by A.M. Gray that I haven't absolutely loved. Her stories are always clever, witty and extremely well-written. She has a talent for capturing moments and establishing the emotional backdrop of scenes perfectly, creating character depth and revealing intricacies of interpersonal relationships using just the right language in a manner that comes across as effortless. And of course I must add, her stories are famous for being fan yourself hot...and this one is no exception! ;)
  • Sea Change on March 18, 2012

    Quite an intensely stirring piece of fiction! This one I had to wait a while after reading in order to collect my thoughts and regain my composure before attempting to write an intelligible review. My guess is a person would have to be dead inside not to be moved by this story and I'm sure nothing I write here will begin to do it justice. Such a beautifully written, and eerily emotionally accurate portrayal of the far reaching impact and all encompassing effects an abusive past relationship has on a mother and her young children as they attempt to start over and rebuild their lives. Wonderful characterizations down to the smallest nuances and a lovely slow but steady romance built upon friendship and trust will hold your attention captive throughout this gripping tale of a family's hope for a new beginning. Absolutely loved this! Definitely a must read!
  • Alejandro & Maela on March 18, 2012

    Sweet and lovely romance! A sheer pleasure to read from start to finish. I have to agree with Kathy, though, I wouldn't complain if A.M. Gray chose to extend it into a full novel as it definitely leaves the reader wanting more. ;)
  • Kissing cousins on March 18, 2012

    I loved this! It's full of both humorous and poignant moments, in addition to some hot sexual tension which undoubtably would result from the draw of such a forbidden, unattainable relationship. A.M. Gray's writing is excellent as always. I found it rather hilarious in reading other reviews that a few were taken aback by the fact that, as the title suggests, this story is actually about kissing cousins. Sure, it's a concept which is not so acceptable nowadays--as the story clearly depicts in its expression of the ongoing anguish the heroine has endured due to her feelings for her cousin-- but let not the Puritans forget we're all descended from kissing cousins! Due to the limited communities in which people lived in early times, marriages were commonly formed among neighboring friends or close relatives, and yes, quite often...cousins!
  • The Man in the White Linen Suit on March 18, 2012

    Well, nothing like a steamy hot caress from a stranger on a train to get a girl's journey off to the right start. Whew! Hot stuff, A.M. Gray! Very nicely done.