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  • A Marked Past on Feb. 05, 2012

    I did enjoy the book and how it closely followed the journey of all involved. It had everything-danger, romance, mystery, and kept me guessing on what would happen next. I do wish it had been more than one book, merely because there is so much happening that it could have easily been two books. It seemed like I was watching a car chase from another car and it was hard to keep up sometimes. There is so much action that, again, I felt it could have been split as to make the book more meaningful. And there were parts, like the dreamscapes and the discovery of Lyla's destiny, that I felt could have been alluded to sooner and I would have liked the book so much more. As it is, I am not entirely sure if I'd read the other book. It would depend on my curiousity to see what happens next is big enough. As it is, read it and see if you like it. Just hang on for the ride, though, and enjoy a debuting author!