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  • Rest Relax Recharge and Color on Feb. 28, 2017

    In today’s turbulent times it is essential that each of us has an outlet to rest, relax, and recharge our mind, body, and soul. From the first page I turned in this book I was immediately drawn to the beautiful detailed illustrations that called out to my artistic side. It is evident that the author put a lot of thought and reflection into the pictures he selected to ease a person’s day. You will find a large potpourri of scenes that include princesses, knights, frogs, and eagles. As an added bonus there are many memorable peace scenes that send an outer message to world to be one with each other. REST RELAX RECHARGE AND COLOR is an exceptional book! While I took the time to study and color these memorable pages it helped relieve my built up stress. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to find an inner source of calmness. Chris Mason is a man of many talents. He is an outstanding author and now he has proven that he has the talent to create an outstanding coloring book. I am so impressed with this one author. I can’t wait to see where his creative talents will take his fans next.
  • More Than Seven Super Wonders Found in Nature For You to Color on March 05, 2017

    “All nature seems to bespeak the works of God” ~Ellen Boyd K. Packer In my life, I have been blessed to have traveled a large part of the world. Through my adventures, I have been blessed to have seen some of God’s greatest creations. From page one of this beautifully illustrated book, I was greeted by the aurora borealis – it took me back to where I was when I first saw this magnificent piece of nature. Then a few pages into the book I saw the Colosseum and was able to re-experience how I felt when I took looking up at its magnificent structure. As I progressed through the book, I was thrilled to know that there was more in places in this book that I had visited, loved, and enjoyed (Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Stonehenge, Grand Canyon, and Leaning Tower of Pisa). The illustrator of this book knows how to bring the true essence of these portraits to the viewer’s heart. You can almost sense the care he takes with each one to set the perfect scene. Each one of these drawings is so rich in details and compels you to want to view more of this talented author's work. Yet again, I am so impressed with the amount of a talent and creativity that Chris Mason is able to produce. I feel strongly this author is on the cusp of a big breakthrough in his career! The world deserves to know the talents this one man possesses!
  • Entrepreneur in a Box A Guide to the Best Ways to Make Money on the Internet on March 11, 2017

    The internet provides an open opportunity for a person to earn money. Each one of us has our own talents and hobbies that can easily be turned into money-making projects. Throughout the pages of this informative book, it is filled with a wide variety of categories that offers an overabundance of information. With the content contained in this one book, a person can easily put their skills to work for them and start generating some extra income. The money they make from contributing to one of these sites can be used for luxury items like vacations, a new car, or an extra payment on a home. ENTREPRENEUR IN A BOX A GUIDE TO THE BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET it is one outstanding book! I learned so many ways that I never knew existed that I would be able to put my own talents to good use to help earn a source for extra income. Chris Mason has put a tremendous amount of thought and research in creating this book. I feel this book is an exceptional source for anyone that wants to think outside the box and explore ways that they didn’t know existed and match them with the talents and skills they possess. I highly recommend this author and he has quickly grown to be someone that has been included on my “must read” list.
  • Tutor in a Box: The Guide to the Best Free Education Resources on the Internet on March 15, 2017

    “Education is all about igniting young minds and enabling them to attain their fullest potential” ~Nita Ambani Tutor in the box is every teacher and students dream! This book is packed with so much helpful information. I was so amazed at all the sites that I had never even heard about. This book would be ideal for a parent who homeschools, or for a student who needs some extra study help, or a teacher who is looking for a way to explain a subject in more detail. Being in the teaching field, I can appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into this one book. I feel this book is one that is assured to be one that becomes an ideal reference tool. I predict that this book will help increase a child’s grades. TUTOR IN A BOX is an exceptional idea for it offers a wealth of priceless information. All main subjects in school are touched upon in this one book. It is ideally laid out so that it can be used as an informative reference source. Chris Mason is an author who never disappoints his reader. His books teach and educate in a fun way. I feel privileged that I have been selected to review so many of his wonderful titles. He has quickly become one of my all-time favorite authors.
  • P is For Phoenix: An ABC Book of Legendary and Mythological Creatures on March 24, 2017

    P IS FOR PHONIX is an exceptional book that is assured to be a highly beneficial addition to any child’s book collection. I feel it would be the perfect bedtime story for the child would be fascinated with these pictures and the words that explain each illustration. Chris Mason has proven to me that he is a master in providing education tools that will be a tremendous benefit to a child’s education. I feel this book is one of the best that I have yet to discover from this talented author.
  • Researcher in a Box: A Guide for Students Both Young and Old on How to Research and Write a Well Thought Out Paper on April 13, 2017

    Where was this book when I was in high school and college? It would have made my life SO much simpler because all the questions I had on how to write a paper is contained in this one book. This book is exceptional and very easy to understand. It would make the perfect graduation present. There were facts in this book that is assured to be able to turn anyone into a better researcher and writer. I feel the content in this book revolves around the basics and how you can use reference tools available to you to your advantage. RESEARCHER IN A BOX: A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS BOTH YOUNG AND OLD ON HOW TO RESEARCH AND WRITE A WELL THOUGHT OUT PAPER is an excellence source for achieving academic greatness. Often students struggle with writing papers when they enter college. This book will ensure they are provided a solid foundation that will allow them to grow in their studies. Chris Mason has masterfully captured a very important subject to students all across the world. His own research on the topic has managed to break down what often is a difficult subject to master. To be a skilled researcher a person must first realize that they basics of each paper must be well understood. I highly recommend this book to any high school or college library for I feel that it offers a wealth of priceless information.
  • Video Store in a Box: A Guide to Free Television and Movies on the Internet on June 05, 2017

    With the rising cost of cable bills, many people have sought out different methods that will allow them to cut the cord from the high priced cable companies. This book opens up a new world on how a person can use the internet to watch practically anything their heart desires. What makes this method so unique is that it doesn’t cost the user anything and doesn’t require any high priced equipment. As I read each page I was amazed at how much free television shows were available on the internet. Another amazing item I never realized was how much “free” television was located on YouTube. With having a SmartTV I know that this tip will quickly be put into action. VIDEO STORE IN A BOX: A GUIDE TO FREE TELEVISION AND MOVIES ON THE INTERNET is a fascinating book. I feel its concept is appropriate to today’s cost cutting cord quest. I feel the book is beneficial this for anyone that is fed up with paying monthly cable dues. Chris Mason has written another very informative book that is ensuring to be a huge benefit to anyone who purchases a copy. With every book that I read of this author, there is never a day that I don’t go away in having learned something fresh and new.
  • Arcade in a Box: A Guide to Free Video Games on the Internet on June 16, 2017

    “We aren’t in an information age; we are in an entertainment age.” ~~Tony Robbins Step back into time when Pac-Man was a hit and where every teenager saved up their allowance money to hang out at the video arcade. In this decade the video game exploded. Years later, there are still 1000’s of games that are available free on the web. What makes it so appealing is that all of them are free and legal. This book would be an ideal tool to introduce a youngster to a computer and a means to give safe and proper age video games. There is no expensive equipment that required, besides a computer, mouse, and video monitor. There is an endless amount of joy throughout the pages of this one novel. ARCADE IN A BOX: A GUIDE TO FREE GAMES ON THE INTERNET is a potpourri of some of the best games that were ever developed. Its content will make sure the reader learns of a method to find the best arcade games that the internet has to offer. Chris Mason has written a very informative book that will appeal to anyone who loves video games. He has done an outstanding job in researching this book. I found so many websites that I never dreamed existed. I feel this book would be enjoyed by old and young.
  • Book Store in a Box: A Guide to Reading and Listening to the Best Free Books on the Internet on June 17, 2017

    “Reading forces you to be quiet in a world that no longer makes place for that” ~John Green Books have a way to nourish your mind and relax your soul. They offer a form of peace and harmony to the person. This book is an excellent source of unlimited amounts of free books. Here you will find links to any type of gene that your soul craves or even textbooks that are required in college. There were so many websites that I never knew existed. Some of my favorites included, “Choose your own damn adventure” and the “Public Book Shelf”. The “Public Book Shelf” called out to my hidden vice of being a hopeless romantic. BOOKSTORE IN A BOX: A GUIDE TO READING AND LISTENING TO THE BEST FREE BOOKS ON THE INTERNET is an outstanding reference book. I found myself getting lost in the pages of all of the useful information contained in this one book. Chris Mason has mastered the craft of writing. His talent as an author far suppresses those of his competition. It is clear that he devotes much time and effort into anything that he publishes. He has quickly become one of my all-time favorite authors.
  • What’s Your Sign? A Coloring Book of Geometrically Shaped Zodiac Signs on Aug. 07, 2017

    Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Let the stars come to you as you embark on a Zodiac journey of wonderment. Each illustration leaps off the page and calls out for the color to add more depth to its beauty. The lines are superbly drawn and will make a stunning work of art once completed. It is clear the artist who created these masterpieces is well versed in the art of creativity. As I took the time to study each one I could see how much pride he took in his creation. I can feel the connection that he is sending out to the viewer. Chris Mason has once again come up with an ingenious idea to allow creativity to flow freely into the world. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for it had an out of the world feel that was simply enchanting. I feel this book will well receive by either youngsters or adults. It's assured to bring a special blend of magic to anyone’s life.
  • Naughty Ever After: A Coloring Book of Erotic Fairy Tales on Aug. 07, 2017

    Even fairy tales have a wicked side . . . Once upon a time, there was a fair maiden in the land. What people didn’t realize was that the young lass had an amount of spirit to her soul. Throughout the pages of the book, you will get a glimpse of some of our most beloved childhood Prince and Princesses taking a turn for the naughty. This book is definitely for adult eyes only, for there are several scenes that will raise an eyebrow or two. The illustrations in this book are bold and out of the ordinary of what you would think to find in a fairytale book. This book is definitely original, for I haven’t ever experienced my childhood friends in such revealing scenes.
  • Maxine’s Happy Trails: A Truck Story on Nov. 04, 2017

    “Be whoever and whatever your heart desires . . .” Join Maxine on a trucking adventure as she gets behind her big wheel. With each mile, she teaches youngsters the vital parts of an eighteen wheeler. As she explains each important part, there is a merry tune that sets the pace of this book. Children will delight with the masterfully crafted illustrations that bring this book to life. Also, I applaud the author who included a female truck driver. This is very encouraging to young girls that can instill in them they can do any type of career they set their mind to achieve. MAXINE’S HAPPY TRAILS: A TRUCK STORY is rich with happiness and joy. The story is one that is both educational and fun to read. Chris Mason is an author that writes about a variety of subjects and topics. With each book, he lends his special blend of artistic talent that makes the book stand out from the competition.
  • The Great Works: A Coloring Book on Nov. 20, 2017

    Legends Never Die . . . Some of the greatest known art is found by names such as Leonardo Da’ Vinci, Vincent Willem Van Gogh, and Sandro Botticelli. Just saying these historic names produces an immediate reputation in your mind's eye of their great works. These masters of art became legends, their work is known worldwide and will continue for generations to come. To celebrate these well-known artists and their creations, Chris Mason and the talented Viadimir Cebu have brought to life these images in a color book format. Each illustration is created with in-depth detail. When the owner finishes coloring in the art forms they can easily become their own framed masterpieces. Chris Mason is an author who offers a variety of talents. He writes memorable books where each one is well thought out. This author has become an icon in my opinion, where he has left his own historic mark on the world. This coloring book is a tribute to his ingenious amount of talent he possesses. It is one that's assured to appeal to a wide audience.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas Geek Edition on May 15, 2018

    “Christmas isn’t a season it’s a feeling”. ~Edna Ferber Christmas is a time for family, it's filled with great joy and love. Step inside the household of one loving couple. Each day for twelve days a gift revolves around the latest technology and is presented to show gratitude and to let the other know how much they mean to one another. THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GEEK EDITION has a festive and merry mood as you find yourself humming along to the familiar tune. As you turn the page to discover what the next gift will be you can’t help but find yourself smiling as the book unfolds. Chris Mason has written a wonderful holiday edition. Christmas is a time where peace, acceptance, and family all blend together. This book provides a unique look at how one family celebrates this festive holiday!
  • Ten Terrific Monsters: A Hidden Item Book on July 02, 2020

    Come join me on a journey of discovery . . . Join Willie the Wolf and nine of his closest friends set out on a journey of discovery. They each find themselves out of work and waiting in the unemployment line. Standing so close, they develop a special friendship. This book centers around finding and seeking a variety of objects. Each puzzle is challenging for both a child and an adult. The illustrations in this book showcase a talented artist. Each page offers bright, vivid pictures that call out to the reader. They feature a wide variety of locations that include visiting the Amazon river, seeking a spooky castle, each will provide the reader many hours of thrill-seeking fun and adventure. Chris Mason is a man of many talents. I have been following this author for many years, and he always keeps producing fresh new books that challenge the reader's mind. This author truly cares about his readers and offers the best of his talents in each novel he publishes.