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The Adventures of Jonathan Moore Book 1: Skull Eye Island is Winner of the Grand Master Award in Clive Cussler Collector’s Society Adventure Writers Competition!

“It is an honor,” said author Peter Greene who was present at the ceremony and received the award from Mister Cussler. “Of all the contests and competitions I researched, this was the only one for new writers and adventure stories. That makes it special. Meeting Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler was exciting and really mind-blowing!” See the press room for more details.

Peter Christopher Greene was born in Glen Cove, Long Island to artistic parents. He started writing after his family moved to Wadsworth, Illinois while sporactically attending Warren Township High-School. He favored short stories, being “lazy and interested in girls and cars for the most part”.

Later, Peter attended Northern Illinois University, where he studied education and theatre. As part of a class project, Peter wrote a children’s play that was produced at school, then done as a musical in local theatre. Peter also wrote a short sci-fi story called “The Education” that was expanded to a screenplay with Patrick Read Johnson, a friend who had a penchant for sci-fi movie making in his garage. Entitled “White Run” it eventually was optioned by 20th Century Fox under the name “Fortress”.

Peter transferred to Illinois State University to finish his degree in secondary education, and continued writing. Orange Marmelade Venison, a humourus short story about anemia in college and the desire to fall in love, was turned into a play and is awaiting production by some brave theatre company.

In 2007, after years of living in the business world, Peter followed a request by his wife to read a bedtime story to his two children. He decided to make one up on the spot, and “Skull Eye Island” was born. His wife urged him to create a novel of the story.

“I wanted to create a story that would be exciting for children and young adults, and one that was easy to read aloud. I also wanted to keep the adults interested so that children could see their parents enjoying the story and see that reading is fun,” said Greene. “That’s how we create future readers, by setting an example.”

Jonathan Moore, the hero of “Skull Eye Island” and “Castle of Fire” succeeds using courage, intelligence and determination. “I believe that is a wonderful lesson for everyone: that they have it within themselves to do something great,” says Greene. “No need to wait for a magical event or some strange relative to grant you a bizarre power – we can succeed and excel with what we have inside ourselves.”

Old Dad, Tired Dad, A No-Holds-Barred Look At Parenting is an honest and scary account of being an older father of infant children. It should be published later in 2013. “Like raising infants, it’s quite disgusting for the most part” the author says.

Peter lives in Arizona, with his wife and two children.

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