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  • Upgrade on Feb. 22, 2012
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    I give Stephen Hise's Upgrade a 4.5 Star Review! This e-book came to me as a freebie, and along with many others I received around the same time, I filed it under "read and review soon," then forgot about it. I tend to do that; forget everything all the time. Lucky for me, I made that list for just that reason, so I can check it occasionally and read a couple of them while I'm at it. I am soooo glad I finally did! Upgrade begins with a man who has it all; social status, money, brains … oh, but wait! He's not good-looking by any measure. As he does every day, Brent Schoenfeld gazes out his second-floor office window to watch all the people milling around at lunchtime on the sidewalks. And, as he does every day, he notices the most beautiful woman he's ever seen; a stunning blond with sexy legs wearing a tasteful, yet enticing red dress. If only... He'll never be so lucky. Out of desperation to be noticed and maybe even turn a few heads, Brent goes to a doctor who promises a procedure that will be life-changing. No scalpel, sutures, recovery; sounds like the perfect way to become attractive. The doctor explains how everything will work, and how beauty such as the kind he is seeking is merely a state of mind, so to speak. He goes on the describe how a tweaking of asymmetries in the face can trick one's mind into seeing a person in a wholly different way. Of course, Brent begins to rethink his decision; he is paying this overly confidant doctor a million dollars, after all. The entire thing just doesn't sound like it'll actually 'change' anything, therefore, how will it make a difference? How will he ever be one of the desired people he's always longed to be? Brent decides to give himself over to the slightest chance. It couldn't make things worse, could it? After women obviously begin to notice and even flirt with Brent, he figures his cool million was a wise investment. He had left the doctor's office extremely skeptical when he awoke from the procedure, only to see himself in the mirror exactly the same as he had been beforehand. The good doctor assured him there would be significant changes in his life, and that people would see him as attractive now. He was right. The whole dating scene is new to him, since he'd never been a good looking man, so he does what every other red-blooded man would; he goes out. A lot. He even does a few one-night stands enjoying this new lifestyle, and how women are falling all over themselves just to spend a little time with him. As for that hot-blond? He even end up spending time with her, and couldn't have been more happy. You know how they say power can ruin people? Well, it can, and does. I'm not giving away any more of Stephen Hise's fabulous story, because you need to get yourself a copy and read it. I was shocked at the ending! I've read many books that end in a great cliffhanger, or just a well thought out ending, but this one will blow your mind! Upgrade isn't a terribly long read, but the impact it's had on me is immense! Stephen Hise is one of the most articulate writers I've ever had to opportunity of reading, so pay attention or you might not understand some of the doctor speak. I found myself thinking he could be right, and wow! The brain truly does work in bizarre ways! While you're online buying a copy of Upgrade, you should also swing by a very informative website where Stephen is a full-time contributor. All the people there do a wonderful job keeping the site going with posts that I've found to be insightful and helpful.