T.A. Hunter


I enjoy writing. I also enjoy sex. It was only natural for me to combine the two and create fantastic stories of sexual gratification, experimentation, and fun. I have always enjoyed reading and writing erotic stories about unbelievable sexual encounters. But what I found that I preferred to write is a bit different. I wanted to capture the same erotic, exciting, naughty, and satisfying sex and orgasms, but in realistic situations and probable scenarios.

Reality Erotica, if you will, is meant to expose the thoughts and raw emotions of secrete sexual thoughts and desires, playful and arousing flirtation, self gratifying fantasies, and full blown explicit sexual acts and erotic pleasure.

My stories are from the man’s point of view, without the overly indulged macho bullshit. My stories have the every-man encountering and reacting to situations that could have disastrous results or provide him with wonderful opportunities for sexual satisfaction. The questions guys ask. Is she being nice or flirting? Is she flirting or suggesting something more? The wrong move could find the man in an uncomfortable position or in deep trouble. The right move could find him in any position he desires, only having trouble deciding what to do to her next!


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