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This is a journey of Timaş, which is one of the leading companies of Turkish publication business with its variety of books over 1600 and is located in Istanbul...

We had taken our first steps thinking “We light up the road; the reader will find his way anyway”. Two principles have been indispensable for us since the first day of our liable publishing philosophy: Serving to a pluralist intellectual world and not damaging the both humane and ethical values.

While developing a cultural common ground for our country’s journalists, academics and intellectuals, we have also endeavored to keep in touch with our reader profile’s needs and expectations. This approach has paved the way for all kinds of books for people from all age ranges under the titles of Literature, History and Culture, Reflections, Popular Politics, Family Books, For Teenagers, For Kids, Achievement Books and Faith and Prayer Books.
We never limit our publishing philosophy with local perspectives. Timaş also offers many foreign works, which share local and global values, to Turkish readers.

Sufi Book - The Breath of Love:
Sufi Book began its publishing life with its first books in September 2005. It is based on serving humanity and believes in the might of pencil. It aims to be a bridge between classical old and changing new.

It contributes to our country's cultural, intellectual, and publishing life with the books pertaining to Islam, thinking of Islamic mysticism, information, wisdom, morality, literature and Islamic subjects.

Sufi Book, aimed at scholars, thinkers, and authors, aims to nourish common treasures of East and West, and avoid losing their authorities to time. These treasures address humanity's common issues, and are respected on their own terms today. They are also relevant to the values systems which are cultivated by today's science and culture.
The aim of Sufi Book, which focuses on humanity, is to make a bridge between classical old and the modern subjects and also to continue without compromising so that the real love touches your heart.

L&M Publishing:
Leyla and Mecnun Publishing, which takes its title from a legendary Oriental love classic, is focused on elite literature works, literary researches, and works from history of art and literature.

L&M is also working with contemporary literary names of our time and has a mission to carry the rich cultural elements of the orient throughout the generations. We believe the world needs cultural differences as connective factors to understand each other, thus L&M might have much to contribute to the world in that sense.
Oriental classics are also a big part of L&M books with the wide variety of genres. Although L&M is relatively new to the publishing business, it is strongly rooted in the literary world thanks to the generous appreciation of the readers.

Carpe Diem Publishing:
Carpe Diem aims to be what young people have been looking for. With this goal in heart, it has been developing a fun portfolio for teenagers for the last few years.

Carpe Diem has recently published books by well-known names of the media and is becoming increasingly popular among the young readers. The publishing house aims to support young people and let them know they are not as alone as they think they are by opening new horizons and showing exciting paths.
Carpe Diem also offers exploring the world together with the readers and getting to know ourselves better through the guidance of great intellectuals who are part of the Western canon including Goethe, Albert Camus, Shakespeare and many more.

Antik Classics:
Antik Classics Publishing is for all readers from all age groups. As it speaks for itself it is timeless, it is all classic. From Shakespeare to Dostoyevsky, from Alexander Dumas to Balzac, and many more masters of literature reach the Turkish reader through the channel of Antik Classics.

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The Writing On The Water
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 97,800. Language: English. Published: January 24, 2011 by Timas Yayin Grubu. Categories: Fiction » Religious
“The Writing on the Water“ moves through your soul like a cool stream through a quiet forest. This is a sufi's account from his entry into Sufism as a novice to his full mastery of what it means to be a Dervish. With quietude and stillness, each page comes in and out of the mind like drawing a deep and relaxing breath. This text will take you to places in your spirit that you have never been.

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