Tania Roxborogh


Tania Roxborogh has been teaching high school English since 1989 and has worked with Sunday school groups and youth groups. She was head of drama for five years and has taught in a range of high schools. She now teaches English full-time, writes when she can and, with her husband, runs around after her children and a small menagerie of quadrupeds. The mother of two daughters (a young adult and a teenager), Tania is the author of over than twenty-five books including novels for young adults and pre-teens, Shakespearean and English grammar texts, plays, and nonfiction.

Kim Stephenson is the head of the guidance faculty at a senior college and is the school’s guidance counselor. She has a degree in sociology and women’s studies, a Master of Education in Counseling, and also has a background in domestic violence support and counseling, and in elementary and junior high school teaching. Within the school environment, Kim has facilitated anti-harassment teams, harassment workshops, anger management workshops, peer mediation, learner champions (students who are trained to support their peer group, in particular kids with needs) and conflict resolution. Kim is passionate about relationships—the ways we connect with one another. She loves the capacity for people to grow and change and learn.

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