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John Angus
Latest book: Rated X.
Published April 6, 2012.
Krys Antarakis
Latest book: Ruth Restrained.
Published June 19, 2013.
Krys Antakaris
Latest book: Embracing Pain.
Published January 14, 2018.
Josephine Scott
Latest book: Twin Pleasures.
Published May 20, 2020.
Francine Whittaker
Latest book: Duty Bound.
Published March 12, 2015.
Ted Edwards
Latest book: Eastern Endurance - Book 1.
Published May 5, 2020.
Kim Knight
Latest book: Dark Surrender.
Published June 2, 2020.
Trinity McDonnell
Latest book: Fucking My Unconscious Brother.
Published July 7, 2019.
August D. Adams
Latest book: Undercover Best Friend: A Tale of Age Regression.
Published June 22, 2018. (5.00 from 1 review)
Diana Philbrick
Latest book: Girls In Harness.
Published April 24, 2020.
Natasha Taylor
Latest book: In Her Arms.
Published May 11, 2019.
Passion St. John
Latest book: Moments of Passion.
Published October 19, 2018.
Tony Malo
Latest book: The Sword and the Slave.
Published October 13, 2018.
Sam Moss
Latest book: Torment for Harriet.
Published October 13, 2018.
Rees Tilman
Latest book: Hostages in Hell's Chateau.
Published October 13, 2018.
Denise La Croix
Latest book: Stern Manor - Perfect Male Slaves.
Published December 21, 2018.
Morgan Rose
Latest book: Academy Blues.
Published October 1, 2012.
Bruce McLachlan
Latest book: Slave Colony.
Published March 10, 2020.
Peter Marriner
Latest book: Harriet.
Published March 14, 2020.
David Anjou
Latest book: Training David.
Published May 12, 2020.
Adriana Arden
Latest book: The Baggage Girl.
Published May 3, 2019.
Lia Anderssen
Latest book: Angel of Lust.
Published December 6, 2019. (5.00 from 1 review)
Wayne Mitchell
Latest book: Hell Week at Slut Island.
Published March 1, 2019.
James Masters
Latest book: Sarah Comes Home.
Published June 27, 2016.
JG Leathers
Latest book: Voluntary Prisoner.
Published May 13, 2017.
Hector McIntyre
Latest book: Repentance Day.
Published August 16, 2019.
Jacqui Knight
Latest book: Submission of the Slave.
Published February 10, 2015.
Peter King
Latest book: Mastering the MILFs.
Published May 5, 2020.
Katie West
Latest book: Tit For Tat.
Published January 19, 2019.
Brian Khast
Latest book: Wild Whipped Women.
Published December 8, 2011.
Stone Franks
Latest book: Taught.
Published January 29, 2012.
Jen Harker
Latest book: Gay Sheriff's Endgame.
Published September 7, 2014.
Sadie Masters
Latest book: Sara's Private Acting Lessons.
Published September 27, 2012.
A. Bennett
Latest book: Full Force (Police Erotica Collection).
Published April 2, 2015.
Elizabeth Bareit
Latest book: Girl On The Path (Part 1).
Published July 21, 2012.
Jane Electra
Latest book: The Jane Electra Collection (Pseudo-Incest Taboo).
Published July 5, 2013. (4.00 from 1 review)
Alicia Collar
Latest book: Jessica's Private Examination (Totally Exposed).
Published September 27, 2012.
Lydia Locket
Latest book: Sold To The Highest Bidder.
Published September 27, 2012.
T.A. Acosta
Latest book: Neveus: Corrupted Prize.
Published December 26, 2012. (4.50 from 4 reviews)
Lauren Kay
Latest book: Time Off.
Published July 18, 2018.
Christine Mackinnon
Latest book: Chronicles From The Hall.
Published May 16, 2018.
Scarlett Delage
Latest book: Erotica 60-Pack.
Published March 3, 2019.
Ravenna Tate
Latest book: Bloodlust.
Published February 22, 2018.
Patsy Highsmith
Latest book: Under The Doctor's Control.
Published January 6, 2013.
Zoe Black
Latest book: Twins in Training.
Published February 15, 2020.
Nicole Draylock
Latest book: Birth of the Dragonborn.
Published May 5, 2020.
Leo Barton
Latest book: Helena.
Published June 7, 2012.
Nicole Nethers
Latest book: Too Hot For Amazon (Taboo Erotica Bundle).
Published March 28, 2015.
Kara Black
Latest book: Best of Friends.
Published July 7, 2015.
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