Brien Miller


Brien turned to writing as an escape from his everyday life as a security consultant in a west coast firm, after several years of university education. He has enjoyed many fantasy adventures in the past such as the Wheel of Time, and any R.A. Salvatore stories, and takes great inspiration from them. He also enjoys adventure gaming such as D&D and most D20 game settings, often using his creative talent to spin interesting settings for his friends to enjoy. You will most often find him writing at his local library when he is not at the games shop. He is happily committed to his long-time companion Renee, and the two of them plan to start a family soon, to compliment their pets, four cats and a dog.


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Smashwords book reviews by Brien Miller

  • Slab City Blues on April 04, 2011

    A very well written short story; I was drawn in primarily by the grittiness of the detective. The detective was also very human, and although a gritty detective is a fairly stereotypical character, I didn't feel that this particular one was that way; he felt very natural. I actually felt very sad from the loss in the end of the story. I'd love to see more from this author, or even just more about this character.
  • Down and Off on April 29, 2011

    This short starts a little heavy, and the simple events are a bit overwritten. I would likely advise that the author try to trim down his word usage, to simplify, so that the 'language' doesn't get in the way of the 'message'. All and all, on the 3rd page, I was able to settle my mind into the writing style a bit, and I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. The casual, yet nervous air was well presented, and by the end, I was wishing the story wasn't so short, but I can see and respect why the author stopped where they did.