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Tambra Nicole Kendall spent her summers growing up reading Nancy Drew and historical romance. At the age of 12, she knew she wanted to be a writer and an artist.

She teaches the workshop, The Essentials of Plotting and Characterization throughout the year. This is a month long workshop. Tambra has been teaching creative writing since 1994.

Paranormal romance and Celtic mythology is the backbone of her writing. With her Scottish and English ancestry, it's a natural fit. From ancient Scotland to romances set in the future, Tambra will take you on a hot, fun ride no matter where the story takes place.

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  • Guide To Writing & Publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror on Oct. 04, 2011

    Mr. Shelsky's book is a must for any writer in this genre. This book is a keeper for my writing shelf. I can't offer enough praise for the thoroughness of the topics discussed. This title is packed with information for the beginning to the advanced writer. Something for everyone. As my own writing is edging toward more fantasy, this book has become an invaluable tool. Rob is eloquent, informative and doesn't make the reader feel talked down to. Instead, he invites you on an exciting journey as he shares what he's learned and it can help you. The author's seven years' work of research and articles show in the quality and preciseness of his writing. Mr. Shelsky offers encouragement and humor while educating the writer in an easy to follow, coherent step-by-step manner. For this cohesive, treasure I am grateful. If you want to write in the science fiction/fantasy/horror genre then you really need this book. This multi-published, award winning author has much to share. Rob Shelsky's Guide To Writing & Publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, to me is the definitive guide to the genre. I have another how-to book on the subject but I reach for Mr. Shelsky's first. As I type this, I'm thinking I should have ordered a second copy. I most highly recommend this book! I am now a Rob Shelsky minion. Come and join me! Tambra Kendall Author and owner of Daughters of Avalon Publishing