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  • Who Listened to Dragons, Three Stories on Feb. 27, 2012
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    I just finished the first of the three stories. And I wanted to review it before reading the next of the three, because it's still pretty fresh in my mind. Mr. Kepler's writing (this story and The Stone Dragon) are the best modern literature I've read, at least for a couple years. They're just great. I was reading this one, and found myself going back over words I'd just read, because I thought I missed something. But I find that I best just go ahead and trust that it is all making sense. And it does. The stories are so interesting that I want to read fast, but I miss things along the way, it feels. But the best way is the read each word completely and move on at the easy pace. The work is so dense in meaning and beauty and wisdom. And the whole is greater than the parts (which are meaning, beauty and wisdom).