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  • Passengers to Sentience on March 18, 2010

    After catching up on some classics, I tried Passengers to Sentience for a change. It was hard to put it down. The technology is woven into the narrative without intruding on the story, amazing as it is, so you can concentrate on what is going on and how it will all end. Intriguing to think that we who grew up before the age of mobile phones and the Internet, and knew people who were alive when the Wright brothers flew, will be one of few generations that can still more or less identify with 19th century novels and yet accept this tale as possible. For better or worse, human nature does not change much in spite of a little selection and a trip across the galaxy. The clever details provide plenty of food for thought afterwards, and it will be well worth a second read. Or a sequel? I am looking forward to the next adventure with Ben and Lori.