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  • The Unfinished Song: Initiate on Nov. 06, 2015

    f you like to read about magic and the fae then you'll love this book. 14 year old Dindi loves to dance. She has always dreamed of becoming a Tavaedi and getting to continue dancing. This book takes us along on Dindi's adventure as goes through what is called the initiation, where she is tested and it will be decided if she gets to be one or has to give up her dream forever. Plenty of ups and down in this book and keep you interested. I know I myself couldn't put it down!
  • The Unfinished Song: Taboo (Book 2) on Nov. 06, 2015

    I got the first of this series for free on Amazon. I quickly read that and was hungry for more so I started on this book (best part of reading an older series is that you don't have to wait for the next book to be released!!) In this book, we get to continue on a journey with Dindi, Kavio and the rest of the main characters we know from the first book as Kavio tries to bring peace to the tribes. I have read some of the other reviews and there are things I agree with and things I don't. Yes, I agree that Initiate should be read first. This is a series, and with any series you miss a lot of story if you skip books. Yes , I agree that both books seem to end rather abruptly BUT these are not short books. The whole reason for cliffhangers are to make you want to continue, much like a tv show you watch every week to see what happens next. The first of the Harry Potter books was only 65 pages longer than this (just for a little comparison). In my opinion (which this is my review sho I'm entitled to state :) ) it wouldn't matter how abruptly three books end, I would still be left wanting in the end. I am absolutely hooked on these books. The story line and the characters are fantastic, and you can't help wanting more regardless of how much you get to read.