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  • Married By Midnight on July 10, 2012

    5 Stars - Could not put this story down! "The storm raged on through most of the night, but Christmas morning dawned with the blessings of a clear blue sky and a bright yellow sun casting its warmth upon the snow-covered grounds at Pembroke Palace. Anne had waited up all night in the drawing room with Charlotte and the duchess..." Artistically written with a strong depth of character for both Anne and Garrett this book does not disappoint. The scenery matches the scene of a mad Duke and his caring family. Garrett, having been away for seven years, seems to have closed off his heart entirely and has no contact with Anne before she signs the marriage contract. They meet. They're polite and pretty soon they wonder about their future together if it will happen. How it will happen? Is there enough desire on both their parts to make this marriage longlasting? Anne has a tragic past and seems to become alive at Pembroke Palace. She doubts her future with Garrett. Her blossoming brings Garrett to life. Tragedy is no stranger to life in the English aristocracy and the relationship between Garrett and Anne shows us the power of love. Love to believe in. Love to inflame us all. How much more can we hesitate in buying a book to instill us hope in finding the person we want to love as passionately as Julianne Maclean loves her characters. They weep - we weep. They love - we love. Love can conquer all, after all.