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Owner and operator of a Boston-Based accounting firm Padgett Business Services.

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  • Between the Lines on May 14, 2013

    Simply Triumphant! The author has masterfully juxtaposed his letters home, with present day introspection. From letter to letter, Paul leads us on a first person, riveting journey through his experiences. With brutal honesty, Paul pulls no punches - he exposes his soul, reveals himself naked, brought to the physical brink and over the psychological cliff. Through his literary prowess, we feel his mental anguish of a comrade fallen, we lie awake paranoid and in terror watching for the enemy, we feel the filth, mud, swelter and dust that is Vietnam, and we are faced with the questions of life and death. Rich in language, Paul recapitulates the timeline of events that makeup his tour of duty in Vietnam and beyond - and we live it right with him. Reflected upon through the lens of distance and sobriety, this is not just another Vietnam story, this is a story of personal Triumph and Victory; the enemy was more than a shadow in the jungle. This is a work of great importance to the legacy of our Veterans, our Country and of Our People. Truly, a must read!