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Smashwords book reviews by TeahMist

  • The Sacred Calendar on March 11, 2014

    The Sacred Calendar by Ralph-Michael Chiaia has twenty poems based on the essence of each of the different days on the Sacred Mayan Calendar. I decided to read this book on the suggestion of a friend who is minoring in literature in college she told me that they were both philosophical and imaginative. She was completely right, but I personally would describe them as lyrical. The poems are all written beautifully, this is not the work of a hobby poet, but a well research poet with an amazing writing ability. I also feel that I have to mention the fact that the information at the back of the book really helped to make the poems stand out more. I would love to read more of Ralph-Michael Chiaia's work.
  • Fairalon on March 08, 2016

    Fairalon by TJ Roberts is a well written fantasy novel for young adults. It is so rare to find well written young adult books with full color illustrations. I found the full color illustrations to be beautifully done; they really helped the reader to be able to picture the book in their mind. The story itself focuses on Iris, an eleven year old girl; Iris has had a problem since her mother’s death with repeating almost everything she does, to make sure she gets it right, to make sure nothing that bad ever happens again. I really liked Iris as a character I felt like understood her frustration with no believing her and her desire to prove that she is not crazy to those she loves and cares about. While Fairalon by TJ Roberts is a young adult novel and is geared towards middle school aged children it can still be enjoyed by adults. As an adult I found the book to be both captivating and intriguing the only thing I would have preferred would have been for Iris to be older, but that is one of the reasons the book is meant more for young adults than adults. I was provided a free copy of this book for review purposes.
  • Space Ranger Fred and The Shoelace Adventure on March 13, 2016

    As an after school counselor I am always on the lookout for new books to bring in to read to my group. I liked the fact that the book was 34 pages long. That is the perfect type of book length for young children. I have a group of mixed aged children ages 6 through 8 and from experience I found anything over 40 pages tends to looser their attention. This book has a good story-line that allows young children to relate to Fred because like them he is a child. The book is also very child appropriate, there is nothing in this book that would upset a young child in anyway.I am very excited to share this book with my group as I believe my group will greatly enjoy reading about Space Ranger Fred and his comic book hero Zando Centauri. I was provided with a free copy of this book for review purposes.
  • A Highland Ruby on Jan. 31, 2017

    A HIGHLAND RUBY by Brenda B. Taylor was a well written romance that featured Flora Vass and Gavin Munro. I have to say that I really enjoyed the story as well as the romance and tension between the two of them. Having the two be apart for so long and yet still having that spark was a perfect part of the romance between them. It struck me as a real true love sort of story. The author did an amazing job in developing both Flora Vass and Gavin Munro as individuals and as a couple. I really enjoyed the book and found the adult content to be tastefully written!