Temwa Kamanga


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We have a larger map of Mars than of Earth because the Earth has oceans and seas. We discuss that the Moon is a natural satellite. In sharp contrast the International Space Station is an artificial satellite. We then discuss that the planetary system can be compared to an atom with the Orbits being a parallel to electron shells. However the difference is that some planets rotate anti-clockwise.
Management of Zambian Soccer
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It is scientifically proven that a moderate jogging habit can extend your life by 3 years. We discuss Zambian football from a managerial perspective. For example, skyscrapers like large stadium have been proven to be large emitters of of CO2. Thus the modest Zambian stadiums are effective with regards to eco friendliness. We also discussed the issue of leadership in Zambian Football. The inclusion
Earth Sciences
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The bible is the number one best seller in the entire history; topics covered include the Mohorovicic discontinuity, the discovery of the Mohorovicic discontinuity by waves that bend off the Mohorovicic, the moon rocks that don't undergo weathering hence are used to find the age of the Earth, the pacific ring of fire, the Kamchatka Ocean current, use of the Japan Ocean current ;
Ordinary Mathematics
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An education is a scientifically proven way to a high earning job; topics covered include equations of parallel lines, the cosine ratio, solving quadratic equations by way of the quadratic formula, using completing the square method to derive the quadratic formula, linear inequalities, final part of the completing the square method. We also discuss the modulus e.t.c. Try it
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The one who does not read good books has no advantage over the one who can not read them; topics covered include the equation of a line, bisection of line @ four right angles, solving quadratic equations by way of factorization, completing the square and graphing, solving simultaneous equations by way of substitution and graphing. we also discuss co-ordinate system, dependent events pie chart etc