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A Legend of Grand Mesa is a children’s book which takes place on the Western Slope of Colorado. This book describes the landscape and legends of the Native Ute American Indians. It is a folklore describing the mystical and enchantment history of the early years of the earth. The book works up the climax when the Grand Mesa Volcanic Mountain exploded making it the largest flat top mountain in the world.
Terri Ragsdale has also written the “bestselling” Novel, “Roots of Indifference” which was the 2011 winner of the Pinnacle Achievement Award in literature history; and Winner of the Hispanic- American literature group of South Texas in Culture and Traditional writing.
Terri worked as a Civil Service employee with the Department of Revenue for 30 years and is now retired. She has also worked as an interpreter for various languages for the State of Colorado, Mesa County, and City of Grand Junction. She worked with the Grand Junction Court System located in Mesa Co., and traveled to the counties of Delta, Montrose, and Garfield. Terri also Implemented and assisted in the setting up the Head Start Program and was a Key Factor in the organization in the Diet and Wellness program for young children of Mesa County, Colorado which is still in use today.
She attended Mesa University and the University of Colorado and has had numerous courses in nutrition, science sports diet, and Organic Gardening.
In her spare time, she now enjoys reading, writing novels, daily exercising, gardening and traveling to places of interest.

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