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Smashwords book reviews by TexasRed79109

  • P.N. Elrod Omnibus on May 24, 2011

    This collection of short stories is great for reading one at a time, when you just have a few minutes. The characters are real, the plots are marvelous, with just the right amount of twists to keep you coming back for more. If you are already familiar with P. N. Elrod's novels, you will love these short additions to her canon. But even if you are just now getting to know these people, you will love the stories, and probably go out and buy the books.
  • The Devil You Know on June 22, 2011

    Immensely Entertaining! If you are a fan of detective novels set in the 1930s, or a fan of vampire novels, or a fan of just plain good, entertaining writing, READ THIS! Elrod sets the protagonists of two series into the same work and the clash of characters works great. Elrod has a knack for creating characters so real you can see them, even smell them, and this little book is a prime example. The genre could be described as a murder mystery or a crime novel, except that the detective and another main character are vampires. The setting and language are classic while the plot keeps you guessing. If you are already a P. N. E;rod fan, you will love seeing Jonathan Barrett and Jack Fleming in cahoots. If you are not already an Elrod fan, you will be after reading this gem.