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Smashwords book reviews by TexasT

  • Positive Thinking Clinic For Pool And Billiards on July 07, 2011

    Wow. I started playing pool again after many years away from the table. This book hit the nail on the head as to what my problem was and how to fix it. I feel so empowered after reading this book that I can't wait to get to the pool hall this evening. This ebook is so well thought out and well written than I couldn't stop reading it. I will read it again and again for the inspiration I need to continue to improve my pool game. Thanks Jobo!
  • Positive Thinking Clinic For Pool And Billiards on July 21, 2011
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    I just wanted to report back after reading Jobo's book a few times and applying the principals explained in the book. I played pool last night against some experienced pool players and I was making some of the more difficult (for me anyway) corner shots without a problem. I did not make every single one but I made the majority of the shots. It also seemed like the more difficult the corner shot, the easier it was for me to apply the technique. Thanks again, Jobo, corner shots are not longer an issue for me.