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I am an avid reader. I love to hike, swim and read. I am currently working on my Master's in Psychology and hope to one day be an adolescent Psychologist.

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  • The Ocean on May 04, 2011

    Warning: This book is so ADDICTING! I could not put it down. My Cover Thoughts: Okay so summer time is coming up real soon and after looking at this cover and reading the book I decided I am going to the beach for a weeklong vacation. I loved this cover because it reminded me of when I was younger and I would go to North Carolina to stay with my grandparents we would go the beach every day. The cover is of a picture of the waves rolling in to the beach and it is great! You will see why she has chosen this picture for the cover as you read the book. My Thoughts/Review: I really loved this book. I read it in 8 hours while I was at work because I could not put it down. First the book starts off with the loss of Alex and Gia’s mother. They are then sent to live with their father who is a recovering alcoholic and has not seen them in 10 years. Alex decides to go down to Florida early to start football boot camp while Gia stays behind to be with her friends. When Gia goes to get on the plane she has second thoughts and begs her step-father to keep her but he says he cannot. She gets on the plane and tries to get comfortable but all she keeps thinking about is how is she ever going to live with her father because she has not seen him in ten years. After she lands in Florida she calls alex but he can’t get her because the truck they drive is broken down. She has to take a cab to the house. She flags one down and the driver helps her with her luggage and asks her to see the money first because it is a long trip and he does not want to take it if she does not have the money. She laughs but shows him the money and in turn she looks at the cab driver and says give me your driver license. She takes a picture of it and sends it to her brother via the phone and says just in case I don’t make it this is the cab driver. As she is driving along she decides to have the taxi driver pull over to the beach she would go to when her father would get drunk and start hitting her mother. While she is there spacing out on her memories of the past she is almost hit by a football. When the guy comes up to her he says sorry we almost hit you but my friend has a horrible throw hand. They instantly look at each other sizing each other up. She instantly falls for him so she gets up and leaves the beach to go home and face Oliver (who is her father but she calls him by his first name) and Alex. As she’s walking away she can feel the guy’s eyes on her and she tells herself not to turn around. When she finally does turn around she finds him still looking at her. She smiles to herself and goes to the cab. She leaves to go to the house and is greeted by an empty house because Alex is getting a part for the truck. He soon comes home and they start to unpack. I could on forever about this book because that is how good it is. Gia and the mystery boy meet because he is on the same team as Alex. They get together and have their ups and downs but they weather the storm together and things start to get bad but then they get better. This story is about broken hearts, first loves and betrayal. This story will have you on the edge of your seat. You will cry and you will laugh but in the end you will learn what it is to love and be loved. Memorable Quotes: Page 106 Travis writes Gia a letter after something happens between them. Gia, I'm not going anywhere. Sometimes things look one way when they are completely different. That's what happened Saturday night. Maybe I should have done this first. You would have read this and seen that I don't want to be with anyone but you. I will be here, right where you left me when you are ready to come back to me. There is a reason for everything, and sometimes out of tragedy, you can find something really good. I think I was brought into your life to show you that you deserve the good. I know you were brought in my life to show me what true love felt like. I wrote it. Love. I can't believe I just wrote that, but I did, and I do. I love you. I've never loved anyone like I love you. I don't know if I can ever love anyone else like I love you right now. And my heart feels broken. But I'm not going anywhere. Love, Travis I felt better after I wrote the letter, but also nervous, because what if it was too late. What if it didn't matter anymore and it was over. I refused to think about that. All I knew was tomorrow I would give her my letter, and I would leave it up to her. Advice: This is a must read! I will re-read this book again and again!
  • Vampires Rule on Aug. 17, 2011

    My Cover Thoughts: I love the cover art work. It is a picture of a cross that is intricately designed with jewels and other hand work. My Thoughts/Review: Oh man I have had this book for quite sometime and I finally was able to read it. I loved it and could not put it down. Jack is a vampire that can’t shake his humanity. Every year he goes to visit his home where his brother lives and visit his grave. Only this year he is told that he should avoid a girl because she will be the death of him. Of course he does not believe in any of that and when he sees a girl in trouble at the cemetery he goes to help her only he is attacked and dying from a werewolf attack. As Jack is lying there dying he tells his vampire friends to leave him at the door step of his brother s house so he can die in his family home. Only when he wakes up he realizes he is not in his family home but he is in that girl from the cemeteries house. In shock he wants to know who she is and what she wants. He knows she is a hunter and could kill him at any time but he wants to know what she has planned out for him. The next morning he awakes in her bed with the sun shinning on him and he panics because the sun burns up vampires. It is then that he realizes he is no longer a vampire but a human. He and the girl talk and he finds out that he is part of a plan to save the world from vampires and werewolves. As the story unfolds Jack must make some serious decisions and he must learn to trust humans, but there is a problem because he has been a vampire for 10 years he just can’t turn off his vampire ways and so trusting humans is a no no so he must fight that in order to survive. Things start to go bump in the night and Jack must chose between good and evi. He must decide if he can kill as a human or be killed. He also has learned that the one person he trusts and loves the most is the one that will kill him. What a boy to do? Memorable Quotes: Page 143 Jack and Silver Talking to each other: Jack crossed the room to the book shelf and picked up the volume Jersey had wanted him to read. It was one of his favorites, one of Lily’s favorites. Jack opened it. Jersey had written a little note on the inside. We all have a destiny, known or unknown.Our choice is to run from it or embrace it. Choose well. “You really liked him, didn’t you?” Silver’s expression was one of total disbelief. “After everything he did, you still like him.” How could he explain it to her? “He reminded me of my father. Not in a bad way. My father kept his emotions in check. He gave new meaning to calm, cool, and collected. Then there was the way I felt when talking to Jersey. He had all this wisdom to impart, and he did it eagerly. Having him around was almost like having my father back.” Silver walked over to him and slid into his arms. The side of her face pressed against his chest. She mumbled against his shirt. “I’m sorry you had to lose him. My parents are searching for Jersey via computer and contacts, but they probably won’t be able to find him for a long time. Maybe by the time they do, I’ll be able to suck his soul out, and you won’t have to kill him.” It was a horrible thing to wish for, but Jack found himself doing just that. He wasn’t sure if he had the strength to face Jersey on a battlefield. No matter what awful things Jersey had done, Jack feared he would always love the man. At least the parts that reminded him of the father he’d lost. Would it be better for Jersey to have his soul sucked out or to be touched by the rock? “What do you think happens to the souls you suck out? Are they lost forever?” “No. Didn’t you read that part in the diary?” “I guess I missed it.” “Lovely says they travel on, heaven or hell, wherever they were meant to be.” That didn’t sound so bad. “I’ll be back in a second.” Jack sprinted out to the car and retrieved the diary. Since it was still in his possession, he wanted to read the part about sucking souls out again. Silver had read it enough to know what page the information could be found on. He leaned in through the open window, took the diary out of the glove compartment. As he pulled it through the window, it slipped from his fingers. The diary opened on the ground to a brand new page. Jack hunched over it and read it again and again. He swallowed hard. Disbelief hardened his heart. No way. Someone was messing with him. He grabbed the diary, slapped it shut, but it was too late. The words were burned inside his brain. Beware of Silver, Jack. Betrayal will lead to your death. It had to be a trick. Somehow Jersey had planted the page, forged Lovely’s handwriting. Jack didn’t believe for a second that Silver would betray him. She most certainly would not lead him to his death. The sucking-out-souls passage forgotten, he tossed the diary back through the open window. With slow feet and a sinking spirit, he returned to the secret mansion beneath the house. He didn’t say a word to Silver about the new prophecy. Advice: This is a must read! Action packed and a little swoon worthy loving in it!
  • Mortal Obligation on Sep. 01, 2011

    Warning: This book is CONTAGIOUS! My Cover Thoughts: This cover is awesome! It is of a girl looking at something in the cemetery. She knows something’s there but what it is ..... well you will have to read the book to find out. My Thoughts/Review: Ree is just your average high school senior just trying to get through school and go on to college. She is in love with her brother’s best friend and wants to tell him but she does not know how. She has bigger problems right now because she has been seeing things but she is not quite syre if they are real until one day she is out with her friends and she is attacked. After being attacked she finds out that she is not crazy but in fact has been seeing things and wait there’s more she will find out. Ree will question everything she has known and everybody who is around her. She will have to learn to trust people she would never trust. The world as she knows it is changing and she has a big part to play in it. What will she do? Will she stay and fight or will she run? Will she be able to stand up to the one person that matters most in her life? One day Ree is normal with a normal life and the next day she is something she has no idea if she even wants to be. Memorable Quotes: “Ree?” Paden’s voice was very close to her and warm hands travelled over her head and shoulders. “Are you okay, Ree?” “I’m okay, but Weylin needs help.” Her voice was dull, and she could barely raise it over a whisper. “Hurry, Paden,” Roland hollered. “We have to go, Ree. Hold on,” Paden said. Someone took Weylin out of her lap and Paden lifted her into his arms. She groaned as the world spun and he pressed her head against his chest. “Please don’t leave me, Ree. Please don’t.” Just before she blacked out she felt his lips on her forehead while he mumbled reassurances. Advice: Must read! You will not be disappointed!
  • Generations I: Book of Enlightenment on Oct. 24, 2011

    Warning: This book series is EPIC! My Rating: 10 of 10 My Cover Thoughts: I love this cover! It reminds me of the Raven Mockers. My Thoughts/Review: Ellie has a wonderful imagination. She dreams of her guardian angel that will one day come and rescue her. Then she wakes up to reality and realises he was only in her dreams. Ellie is your average teen going to school and trying to hold on to the one person she has left in her life, her brother. Her brother has applied for legal guardianship of her and has just heard the final decision from the courts that he can indeed be her legal guardian. They decide to rent an apartment in a shady part of town because that is all they can afford for now. Her brother tells her to enjoy her junior year because next year she will be considered an adult. She laughs at him and tells him she will but first things first she needs to find a job. As she explores her new neighbourhood she finds a job at a book store. The job is perfect for her and she is excited because she can help her brother out. After her first night out working on the way home she senses she is in danger and feels someone watching her. She is attacked and saved by a boy and his dog. She thanks him and invites him over for something to drink and he says okay. As the days go by she sees this guy and his dog more and more. They strike up a friendship and maybe something more but Ellie can’t get past her dream man. See she sees the man of her dreams every night but she can’t see him when she is up. Ellie starts to wonder if something sinister is going on and how it is going to affect her and her brother. She will do everything in her power to protect him because he is all she has left. Ellie will have to make some hard decisions and she will learn that there is someone out there that wants her. She is not sure if this person wants to hurt her but she will need to trust her instincts. Will she find someone she can trust? Will she ever wake up from her dreams of her guardian angel rescuing her or is she destined for a life of dreams? Mia has once again captured my heart and soul with these characters and the struggles they face and the triumphs they will have. It is a story that will capture your mind, body and soul! Watch out J.K. Rowling her comes Mia Castile! Memorable Quotes: EPILOGUE: I was running, and though it was dark, I knew where I was going. I was going to him. He was forbidden to me. He wasn’t mine, yet I couldn’t stay away from him. My hand glided along the stone wall. It was old and dusted onto my fingertips. I stayed close to it. The wind blew the soft fabric of my clothing around me. Ribbons held my hair in place in an up-do that I could never have fixed on my own. My slaves fixed me, knowing that I was breaking the rules—we were breaking the rules—they still remained faithful to me. We would be together. I opened the large, thick, heavy temple door that creaked around the hinges. I breathed heavily as I walked to the altar. The priest stood behind it, reading from his great book. “I’m here, I’m here,” I said in a hushed exclamation. “So am I.” There he was. He reached for my hand and pulled me close to him. We embraced. I clung to him as he to me. “Are you sure this is your desire? It’s never been done before; you’ll go against all that is right,” the priest asked in a low whisper. But he couldn’t change our minds, no more than we could. I loved this man, and he loved me. “Yes,” my love answered. “Then so be it.” I woke up in my dark bedroom, my hands clinging to something, but I didn’t know what. There was nothing in my arms. I wanted—I needed to see him; I could see him in my mind. It was just a dream; but it felt real, like a real life—like it was alive. But he wasn’t tangible; he wasn’t real. He was my angel and my protector of all the imaginary places and times I dreamed of, but he wasn’t real. Advice: This is a must read series! You will not be disappointed!
  • Wilde Ride (The Ride Series #1) on Jan. 10, 2013

    *** FIRST I NEED TO SAY THAT THIS REVIEW IS FOR 18+ DUE TO CONTENT AND LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL SCENES *** With that being said I have to say I love me some bad ass biker men! Lord I have gone to a few biker bars and lord have mercy you just have no idea what goes on in there. Plus the hot ass biker men you see in there makes you need a cold bucket of ice water to cool the hormones! I have to say that these girls first book that was supposed to be a joke turned out to be a hot seller. They have it down and the story line flowed smoothly and the mystery of who the stalker is was so surprising because I really thought it was someone else while it was the other person all along and I never saw it coming. I laughed and I cried and I so wanted to throw my new Kindle HD when I was reading the end of the story when I thought something happened. Ella Scott has no family left. She is the sole survivor of a very bad car accident that killed her brother and her parents and left her scared for life. She ends up living with her best friend and family and she is grateful. She goes to college and decides she will move back to the one place that holds good memories of her family and that is Del Mar CA. She gets a teaching job there and she is excited to be starting her life over again. Creating new memories for herself. When she goes down to visit and get her apartment in order she decides she needs a run to clear her mind and enjoy the fresh year. While running she hears and feels this rumble and when she turns around to see what it is she sees a series of motorcycles coming towards her and when she turns around she runs right into a pole and gets knocked out. When she comes to she is in the arms of the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. They talk and she goes back to Boston to get her stuff and move back to Del Mar. But while she is getting her things in order and readying herself for a whole year all she can think about is that gorgeous biker and what she would like to do to him. Lord she have never felt like that but she is lust and she wants him bad. When she moves back and has her first at school she is asked out by the gym teacher and they go around the corner to the local bar and at first she has no idea what to make of it but as she enters the bar she comes face to face with Mr Motorcycle! Hot dam she can't stop thinking about him and he remembers her because as the gym teacher goes to the bathroom he comes over to her and tells her to come back to bar at eight when he gets off. She does and what happens from there is not a pretty story but it is theirs and what a story it is. Ryder and Ella will have to fight very hard and it seems like everyone to stay together. The club has it's obligations and needs that Ryder has to take care of because he is the MC of Mayhem and Ella has her job as a teacher. With someone stalking her and the club issues it seems like no matter what they try someone is always there trying to separate them. They will have to fight to the end in order to keep what they want the most. Come along for the greatest hottest story about a biker who falls in love hard but fights for his babe harder~ ~Team Ryder Wilde all the way baby!