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  • The Legacy of Kilkenny on Aug. 07, 2011

    The story is about Abel Casey, an average teenager boy who lives with his parents and has a sister called Allie, Abel doesn't know how special he is and neither does he know about the challenges he will face to meet his destiny. His whole life changes from the minute he lays his eyes on Pru Phelan, she is more than a beautiful girl, she is a werewolf and she is the one who will break the news to Abel and train him for his destiny as to become The Great Wolf. Abel has a lot to deal with, he doesn't want to leave his family and he is not even sure if he wants to shift into a werewolf. He is told he has to die, but does he? His life and the lives of people he loves are in danger, his sister is changing, has she been infected? This is a story about power and ambition, about loyalty, alliances and betrayals. Werewolves against each other's packs and dangerous vampires, a thrill I hope you'll get to feel. It took me while to warm up to the story, I must confess. The book is written in two different POVs, Pru's and Abel's. At first I didn't like Abel much, I thought he was a bit soft and pushed over too easily but I guess that was what Devyn wanted us to feel because I felt that Abel had started to change throughout the pages, getting more confident and accepting who he is. I loved Prus POVs, she is a very strong minded girl but she has a personal soft side, she struggles with her feelings toward a handsome wolf called Oakley (who is my favourite character!) and I was longing for her to get his attention, I mean get his heart, body and soul! Get everything Oakley! I loved the characters, I very much enjoyed reading the story and I am looking forward for the book 2. I want to get to know more about the characters and I have a few questions myself and I guess that's good. The whole idea of this Indie week is to get to know new authors and their stories and I hope after this review you will read The Legacy of Kilkenny.