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Donald Haney was born in rural Alabama where he spent his first 18 years in a cotton field with his parents and 9 siblings. He was a locksmith for 46 years. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his dogs and spends most of his time writing and inventing.

Recent commentary about his first two books:

Tales of the Alabama Drunk

This is a humorous and breezy little book. The writing has a folksy feel to it and is told as though the narrator is sitting across from the reader, sharing a beer and hearing the story. The first meeting between Donny and Linda is humorous and well-written, and their subsequent encounters are well-drawn. The folksy feel is consistent throughout the book. Even when the Author switches to first-person narration, there is still that feel to the writing. This consistency really helps convey a strong voice. The voice and sense of place are all well developed... This is certainly an amusing read."

Poems from The Alabama Drunk

"This book tackles the whole breadth of life and experience, often with a light touch - a sense that wisdom is something that can be won only through living a hard, good life. That experience is on display again and again, as many of the poems seem to draw best from particular experiences and scenarios.

"Rather than dealing with abstracts, poems like this sing because they hearken back to something real."

~Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

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