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  • Mrs. Claus In: Reindeer Bangs on Dec. 19, 2017

    In what is hopefully the first of a series, the writer explores what happens when the dear folkloric character of Mrs. Claus becomes involved in something that goes against her typical characterization: bestiality. The story nicely sets up a plot wherein Mrs. Claus gets her inner and previously unexplored sexual urges awakened by the magical reindeer of Santa's sleigh. If this sounds like it's something you'd read, then I heartily recommend buying it!
  • Protect and Service... Beastmen! (5 Stories of Magical Monster Sex) on Dec. 19, 2017

    Bought this book after getting to know the character via her RP-profile on tumblr. If you're uncertain whether you'd buy it, I suggest looking that up. The bigotry of the main character serves as a pretty good in-universe justification for the harsh treatment. As someone who's not too big on good characters getting mistreated for no reason, this helped me go along with the story. And the stories are pretty good! My favorite is probably the last one, which features a theme of intoxication (in a suitably magical sense) which I personally like. The stories are short and straight to the point. This might be a plus or a negative depending on what kind of person you are.
  • Bred By The Werewolf God on Dec. 19, 2017

    The set-up is essentially what if there was a female, milf-y Dr. Strange.esque character whose job included fighting a lot of extradimensional baddies, as well as remnants from various mythologies and the like. Then, something goes horribly wrong and she gets caught up in intense wolf-breeding. To me, the story has three particular standout aspects; the character has a very nice, dignified and mature visual design which gets ruined (in a smutty way), there is impregnation (this will either be a plus or a minus for you, it's definitely a plus for me), and the story does a pretty good job of hinting at a larger context (in that fun comic-booky manner) which makes me hope for sequels. All in all, had a very good time with this.