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Smashwords book reviews by David Hannah

  • Brandon Marlowe and the Spirit Snatcher on Jan. 06, 2013

    The Spirit Snatcher by Eric Livingston is a book about a boy named Brandon Marlowe who is now old enough to join a squad where he will be responsible for protecting the rest of humanity from the remaining Olympians. It's a great book packed with adventures and Greek myths. If you like Greek myths or even some of the Greek gods you will love this book. To all of the people who don't like Greek myths: that doesn't matter. You will still love this book as much as anyone else. The myths and gods have been adapted to modern times so it's fun to figure out who everyone is. When I got close to finishing this book I was so glad to figure out that there was more. Again I say if you like adventures and want something new this is THE BOOK. When you finish make sure to read The Alpha in the Omega and The Darkness of the Light.
  • Brandon Marlowe and the Alpha in the Omega on Jan. 06, 2013

    This is the second book in an ongoing series! I couldn't put it down it was just too much fun. Go Brandon!